5 Christmas Gifts Your Man Would Love

5 Christmas Gifts Your Man Would Love

5 Christmas Gifts Your Man Would Love

by December 15, 2015
Christmas gift ideas for men

It’s mid-December and amidst the winter chills the Christmassy festive feeling is just starting to seep into the air. So, whilst you are busy planning how to spend your holidays, have you thought about buying Christmas gifts yet? If not don’t worry, we understand the dilemma of choosing the best gift for your loved ones and here we provide you some gift ideas that you can pick for your favourite man in the world and play the perfect Santa Claus for him.

No matter, if you think gifting a man some gadget is a clichéd, you got to admit that this stereotype works and men will always be men; they can’t have enough of new technology. But, the question arises what kind of gadget to pick? So without any further ado let’s get started.

Gaming Tablets

nvidia tablet shield

Source: nvidia.com

The modern day guys are bred on everything technology. For them playing games essentially means playing on their tablets. If your fiancé, brother or cousin is an ardent gamer buying him a gaming tablet this Christmas will please him to no end. Nvidia Tablet Shield, which is priced at about Rs. 23, 999 would be a perfect choice of gaming tablet to bring out his Million Dollar Smile.


xbox 360

Source: amazon.com

Which guy doesn’t like to enjoy an intense gaming session of car race or street fighting on a gaming console? For guys Xbox is no ordinary gaming machine, it is a source of entertainment and a reason to hang out with their buddies. So if you are looking for a gift for your husband, pick an Xbox 360 console (which would cost you about Rs. 30, 000) for him and you can hear him saying ‘darling you are the sweetest person on this whole wide world,’ we bet.


asus zen watch

Source: slashgear.com

Who doesn’t want to use a smart watch these days? So this Christmas instead of choosing a regular gift like a shirt or a bow tie, why not go a bit techy instead and gift your favourite man in the world an Asus Zen Smart Watch, which is about Rs. 14,400. The watch would not only add great value to their professional life in terms of being efficient in their work but also it would that extra bit of glam to their personality. Of course, you could score brownie points in winning their heart over.


philips shaver trimmer

Source: amazon.com

Today, the modern men are conscious about their looks than ever before and they take their grooming seriously. So why don’t you show how much you care your father or brother by gifting him a Philips Aqua Shaver/Trimmer and help him get rid of the daily hassles of shaving and trimming. The trimmer costs just about Rs. 3375 but it would be a treasure for your beloved one.


nikon coolpix l840

Source: amazon.com

If your husband has a knack of clicking stunning pictures of you and loves to look through the lenses, he sure loves photography. This Christmas you can surprise him by playing the perfect Santa that drops a box containing a Nikon CoolPix L840 camera on his bedside table. It would not only make him smile from ear to ear but also it would draw out the perfect ‘Aww baby, you are so sweet’ moment. Brownie Points scored for being a caring and thoughtful wifey!

No matter which gift you choose, make sure that you leave a extra special gift to make it extra special for the receiver. Merry X-Mas to you and Happy Gifting!