5 Best Travel Guidebooks for Traveling in India

5 Best Travel Guidebooks for Traveling in India

5 Best Travel Guidebooks for Traveling in India

by October 8, 2014

Nowadays, many aspirant travelers are moving to the digital books from the old traditional travel guidebooks. But the fact is that there are still lots of people who prefer traditional books to digital ones. The reason is that an old guidebook is just like a best friend of an experienced traveler which contains all the information in one place. The proverb “old is Gold” rightly fits here.

As we all know that India is a diverse and vast country and is complex in its history and modern culture. So for travelling in this huge country, you really need a good travel guidebook. These guidebooks have detailed information about this lovely country including its history, culture, traditions, historical places, modern hotels, restaurants and many other things that should be explored.

But finding and selecting a smart guidebook is a challenging job as there have been huge numbers of guidebooks over the years. A guidebook not only gives you just information about the country but also helps in choosing the destination carefully. A good book may be invaluable while travelling around India. So, a smart guidebook should include a map of India, major tourist destinations along with basic advice, suggestions and reviews about what’s good and what’s avoidable.

Let’s take a look at five smart travel guidebooks that are worth buying while travelling in India to get a better experience:

Lonely Planet India


The LP guides are considered the most popular and trustable travel guides around the world. Lonely Planet India is not an exception, and in fact it is denoted as the travelers’ bible. It certainly is one of my favorites. The glossy cover pic and those useful illustrations allure everyone. It is stuffed with extraordinary information about each state, its major attraction, hotels, services and even safety issues for women are also included. It is a complete guide which has the answer to all of those common questions like what to see, where to stay, how to get around and what to eat. In short, it is an encyclopedia for anyone especially for first time travelers travelling in India.

The best part of this is, you don’t need to buy a complete book. If you are going to visit a region within India, you can select the relevant section. This is a region specific guidebook including Lonely Planet south India, north India or north east India. One can even buy or download only that section or chapter of those few places that are required. The detailed sections on each state of the country includes basic background facts, cultural and historical information, major tourist destinations or cities and other gateways, transport info, suggested lodging and eating locations, do’s and don’ts for travelers, currency and visa related info and safety information for women as well. The given maps in each chapter are accurate and keep you connected to roads and landmarks while travelling.

The Rough Guide to India


The rough guide is another comprehensive book that examines India deeply than Lonely Planet. This is the big competitor of the Lonely planet guide. It is perfect for those who are looking for in depth knowledge about India’s history and attractions as it contains a large amount of culture information along with a basic advice why you should visit a particular site. It contains all useful information regarding accommodation, dining and transport along with soothing pictures, helpful maps and landmarks which give you the reason as to why these are worth seeing. As compared to the Lonely Planet, it has more regional editions exploring the country in depth. It is the best choice for those who have extended period of time to visit around the country.

Frommer’s India


This travel guidebook is best for business or a leisure traveler as it deals with the luxury side of an Indian holiday. So, a budget traveler can’t get much out of this book. The most important and useful feature of this book is that it includes discussions and suggestions, with rankings to help you in deciding what you may and may not want to do. But its maps lack in quality and also are not user friendly which may be a hindrance to your travel.

India Footprint Handbook


Another guidebook contains detailed information about India’s culture, history, and geography. Overall, it is a useful guidebook with the treasure trove of information as well as landmarks and destinations.

DK Eyewitness Travel India


This is the best book for those who love photographic illustrations and colorful maps. Though it doesn’t contain as much information as in Lonely Planet, it is a great companion for those who want an insight with pretty illustrations, 3D aerial views and floor plans of sites as well. Overall it’s a good travel guidebook.
Travelling in India is really challenging and often involves long and boring journeys. This collection of the best guidebooks will make your journey a little bit more bearable. Further, it gives you another outlook of life and travelling in India. So, buy these books and make your trip to India more enjoyable.