5 Best Translator Apps to make your International travel easier

by May 25, 2017
5 Best Translator Apps to make your International travel easier

The world is more connected that ever. A lot of people travel the world for business, studies, or leisure. While many of us in India are well versed with English, there are a lot of countries in the world where English is not the most popular language. In fact, there are many countries which do not speak English at all.

However, today more than ever before, we have internet connectivity at our fingertips and there is a mobile app for every possible need one can think of. Language translator apps are making life and travel a seamless experience for many such people who travel abroad. Let’s look at some of the popular ones:

1. iTranslate: Are you a frequent traveller and also an avid Apple product enthusiast? Then iTranslate is a “must have” app on your phone. It can translate text in more than 90 languages. It also has a very good dictionary which enables offline translations, translation of website pages etc. It also has an awesome feature called AirTranslate which can translate what you speak into the language of the person speaking to you and vice versa, when both of you are using an iOS based device.

2. WordLens: You must check out an app called WordLens on the App store. You can point the i-phone camera on a signboard using WordLens and it will translate the content for you. This helps, especially, in reading directional instructions written in a foreign language.

3. WayGo: Make your Oriental experience a memorable one. Are you travelling to China or Japan? While these countries are in Asia, they are very different in terms of culture, language etc. WayGo is a handy app in such a scenario. You can point the phone camera to a restaurant menu, a directional instruction, an advertisement or just about anything and get an English translation done.

4. SayHi: Want to know how to say “Hello” in French, Arabic, Italian, Spanish etc.? Download SayHi on your iOS phone or tablet and start to learn languages while on the move.

5. Google Translate: It is one of the best translation apps available. With a vast repository of over 100 language translations, it is a very sought app. It allows to download and use more than 50 languages offline. It can also enable two-way communication in over 30 languages and can also convert the text written within an image. While you are browsing the internet or even using a local language app, Google Translate can help you to read the content within a mobile app and seamlessly navigate through a mobile app as well.

Be sure to download these useful apps from the Appstore or Playstore, before you pack your bag and head to an international destination that speaks an unfamiliar foreign language. These apps will surely make you “feel at home” in a distant land.