5 Apps That Prevent Texts from Distracting You While Driving

5 Apps That Prevent Texts from Distracting You While Driving

5 Apps That Prevent Texts from Distracting You While Driving

by December 22, 2017

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Thanks to the increasing propensity of messaging apps, most urbanized citizen prefers texting to phone conversations and meeting in person. This habit of instant messaging has turned into a fatalistic compulsion, ceaseless even during driving a car. Continuous surge of text notifications can make your head turn away from the road ahead with dire consequences. Ironically, only technology comes handy in eradicating a problem posed by it. Check out the apps which stop texts and texting apps from diverting your mind while driving in the following.

  1. Concentrate on Maneuvering the Wheel with Drive Safe

Developed in Ireland, Drive Safe silences the phone when you drive preventing text notifications or calls reach your ears. With this app, you may create your own custom messages informing the senders of texts that you are driving. This app sends the custom message as an auto response without bothering you. If someone calls you more than three times the app goes into the emergency mode and switches off the mobile. Moreover, this app starts functioning as soon as you start driving and turns off when you get off.

  1. Enjoy Plenty of Choices with Drivemode

This free of cost app Drivemode has been built to minimize diversions in the form of calls and texts whenever you are behind the wheel by launching the “Do Not Disturb” mode. You can either reply to texts with voice command or set auto-replies as per convenience. This app integrates a number of useful apps like Google Maps, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Spotify so that you can navigate the car without missing out on entertainment or important communication.

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  1. Stay Relaxed with BAZZ Text

An app that requires no touch input, BAZZ Text can be operated hands-free. With this app loaded in your phone you can listen to texts and voice messages without taking the phone in hand. You may send texts through commands as well. It connects with Whatsapp too and reads out messages from the app if you so wish. It asks for your approval before reading out a text which safeguards your privacy in case the text is personal in nature and you have co-passengers in the car.

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  1. Never Compromise Focus with Safely Go

Safely Go is a dependable app that picks up your calls and responds to messages when you are riding the bike or steering your vehicle. The best feature of this app is that it lets you choose three VIP contacts and allows texts or calls only from them throughout the drive. Others receive auto texts telling them that you are driving and will reach out once you reach destination.

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  1. Simplify Driving with TextDrive

The user-friendly TextDrive app is an apt autoresponder for those who cannot keep their hands off the phone for long. This life saving app discreetly reads and responds back with auto texts. You can even set up specific and customized response for different contacts, so that your girlfriend gets a more personal text than your business associate.

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