5 Apps that Help You Deal with Hangover Better than Ever

5 Apps that Help You Deal with Hangover Better than Ever

5 Apps that Help You Deal with Hangover Better than Ever

by December 29, 2017

It’s the festive season or weekend relaxation, a ‘little’ bit of boozing that always outgrows its ‘little’ status is a given. Is it a long poetic discussion over tinkling glasses of wine that you love? Or, may be happy high and hiccups from an over dose of whiskey is the way to be merry! One common aftermath that every heavy to modest booze lover has to face is hangover. Don’t worry. Technology has got you covered. There are brilliant apps that help you deal with hangover like a breeze. Here follows the list.

1. Hangover Cures

While suffering splitting headache from last night’s over alcoholic indulgence, one thing we regret is bad decisions. The Hangover Cure app is there to guide you through a maze of it. This app is designed to offer an array of remedies and cures for the type of hangover you have got. From power shower to something wacky like pickled fish, the antidotes vary depending on the symptoms.

2. Waterlogged

Do you know what’s the one drink allowed in the times of hangover? Yes, you guessed it right, water. If you are dehydrated the hangover will be stronger. Waterlogged is not really a hangover management app. This app pushes you to drink the right amount of water necessary for staying hydrated. Give this app the photos of your water bottles and it will tell you whether you are drinking right amounts of water. Set reminders so that the app keeps urging you to drink you more water. This will surely kick the hangover to the curb.

Waterlogged[Image Credits – waltinpa.com]

3. Hangover Remedies

Keeping a tab on how much you are drinking is a hack. It never works. Nevertheless, proper knowledge about how hangover sets in can surely help you. Let the Hangover Remedies app accompany your drinking bouts. Like a true friend it offers words of caution regarding drinks that are too heavy for you. It will also offer suggestions about foods and beverages that can help in bringing the hangover down. Also follow its advice on beverages which can make the hangover even worse. Coffee is one!

4. Drunk Blocker

There are times when you have had a little too much to drink, then it is hard to decipher right from wrong. Naturally, you end up doing exact things that you won’t while sober. There is nothing worse than waking up with a throbbing headache and realizing that you sobbed to your ex over phone at wee hours. The Drunk Blocker android app prevents such occurrences, making hangovers a lot more bearable. It completely blocks incoming and outgoing calls when you are in the haze of a hangover. It also enables you to call cabs even when you are out of your senses.

5.Phone Finder on Clap

An impulsive experimenting with the Chinese peg—gulping down only a few (?) cocktails that looked too lovely to resist—ends upyou making some decisions that are meant for regrets. But, what if you realize that you have lost your phone! Nothing can bring doomsday down faster than that. No need to get flustered. Use the Phone Finder on Clap app instead. No matter whether you have forgotten the phone in bathroom sink or bar’s table, it will make finding the device easier. It is hard to stand straight when you are drunk. That’s why this app lets you find the phone just by clapping. What can be better! The app will detect the sound of your clapping from previous record. It will make the phone vibrate or ring so you can locate it.

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