5 Apps that Enable Your Phone to Memorize the Grocery List

5 Apps that Enable Your Phone to Memorize the Grocery List

5 Apps that Enable Your Phone to Memorize the Grocery List

by December 20, 2017


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From prepping the pre-schooler to PowerPoint presentations, urban life demands us to be a chiseled clown juggling multiple roles throughout a day. One such tedious yet imperative duty is to replenish the waning grocery products in a timely and budget-friendly manner. Though nourishment is a necessity, you have forgotten to buy eggs and milk on your way back home from office zillion time. Instead of futile attempts at memorizing the grocery lists yourself, boost the memory of your smartphone with some of the best grocery list apps listed below.

  1. Live Hassle Free with Listonic

This free app syncs with all your devices easily which means you can access the grocery list from your PC, tablet, and smartphone anytime. Listonic also creates a quick list based on your previous shopping choices and the popular products bought by most grocery shoppers. Also, this app provides pro grocery tips, educating you about better and safer choices. You need not type the name of items while in a hurry as it lets you speak the names aloud and enlists them deftly.

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  1. Reap Benefit of Mother Tongue with Indian Grocery

Created by Nishanth Nagella, the Indian Grocery list does not come with many frills, but it lets users list their groceries in fifteen languages including English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Urdu and Bengali. There are also photos of grocery products in this app with their detailed nutritional benefits. It also helps users to find out the English of regular grocery usable to ask for them in shops.

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  1. Involve Your Family in Grocery Shopping with OurGroceries

Are you a family with grown-up kids? Make them a part of the regular grocery shopping chores through the OurGroceries app. It stays in sync with the grocery shopping list on each member’s phone. So, when your teenager or partner gets the milk it will get checked off from your list. You can also add your recipes to this app so that it reminds you to buy the exact ingredients when you are shopping next time. This app also works with Android Wear smartwatches.

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  1. Optimum Organizing with Grocery Tracker

Grocery Tracker lets you make multiple grocery shopping lists with customized categorizing tags. For example, there can be one grocery list for house parties, one for weak days and another for weekends when most like to relish special delicacies. It also keeps a tab on what products you are likely to have in your kitchen cupboard without you having to rummage through jars. Its “Redoer List” lets you know the usual items you shop on a weekly or monthly basis.

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  1. Broaden the Horizon with BigOven

If you are someone interested in experimenting with culinary as well as gastronomic skills, then BigOven might be the app for you. It not only memorizes your grocery needs but also offers useful recipe choices to cook up a storm with available ingredients at hand. You can also make a grocery list as per recipes you love in this app.

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