4K – The Next Big Thing in Tv/Mobile Viewing

4K – The Next Big Thing in Tv/Mobile Viewing

4K – The Next Big Thing in Tv/Mobile Viewing

by November 10, 2014


Just when you thought you got the latest technology, something new enters the market. Now even 1080p High Definition televisions have become old news. The market has seen advancement in HDTV technology called 4K or more formally as Ultra High Definition (UHD). While 4K televisions are already available at top merchants, you are soon to see a whole new range of camcorders, smartphones, cinemas, tablets, computer monitors and video games having Ultra High Definition 4K technology.

What does 4k technology offer?

  • A television with this technology would display much more pixels, 8 million pixels to be precise.
  • Having a 4K UHD television means you will get a minimum resolution of 3,840p x 2160p. More pixels automatically mean better image quality.
  • It offers almost four times the resolution compared to a regular 1080p HDTV.
  • Images appearing in a 4K viewing screen will be around 4,000 pixels wide.
  • It will have far more realistic colours and much higher frame rate. However, for a reliable playback, a 4K video takes 1 GB per second. For this you need faster hard drives and much faster network connections.


4K way much better than HDMI

While HDMI 1.4 is capable of delivering 4K videos, it has its limitations of 30 frames per second. Your best bet is HDMI 2.0 which increases bandwidth up to 18Gbps. It supports 50/60 frames per second and 12-bit 4:2:2 colour. You don’t even need any special cable along with HDMI 2.0. You can simply use any high-speed cable available.


4K – A Visual Treat

4K is a huge leap in terms of picture clarity and sharper detail. To truly experience 4K technology, you definitely need to view it on a 4K set and you also need to sit in close proximity of the screen. The closer you move towards your 4K TV set, the better as the image doesn’t break down. In fact it fills up your visual field, making images appear very sharp. This is one of the main reasons it is gaining popularity among computer monitors.


Televisions with 4K technology are already rocking the market with brands like Sony, LG and Samsung manufacturing their products. With 4K technology, television sets are only going to get bigger. It would be rare to have a television with 4K technology in less than 50 inches. It simply doesn’t make sense to view such high pixel density on a smaller screen. It is just a matter of time before everything that displays or records videos will acquire 4K technology. It will take the world of entertainment to a whole new level, making it much more compelling and engaging.

3D & 4K Together

4K is commonly used in cinemas with “Blade Runner: The Final Cut” being the first prominent cinema release back in 2007. However, multiplexes show images in 4096×2160 4K resolution which is much higher than which is offered for your television set. While 3D was the most talked about subject in the movie industry, the attention has quickly shifted to 4K. However, if you happen to watch 3D on a 4K television, you are in for a treat as it is better than ever.

If you crave for the latest technology and you have no constraints in your budget, then there is no stopping you from getting a device with 4K technology. Be sure to get one from a trusted brand. However, you should be ready to accept the fact that it will take years for 4K video content to be made available in the market. There are currently no television channels broadcasting 4K content. In April 2014, Netflix was the first to deliver 4K content to homes. Users will have to open the Netflix app on their 4K television and it will then stream 4K content automatically. YouTube has also made provision with a nascent 4K channel. However, you would need a powerful computer with a 4K compatible graphics card. If you have budget concerns, it is advisable to wait a few years till 4K content is made available in the market. Just like HD and 3D, this too will take some time to be freely available in the market but it will be worth the wait.

While the world is still adjusting to news of 4K technology, certain sections are buzzing with news of trials being conducted on 8K Super Hi-Vision. Believe it or not that would mean 16 times greater definition. It would involve screens with 33 million pixels which for now seems unrealistic. It would need screens that are 84 inches or even larger. However, let’s hold on to the thought of 8K technology as it is a thing of a distant future. It is time to fully explore the potential of 4K technology.

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