by August 29, 2015
whatsapp new updates

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So have you been cribbing about the lack of updates on your Android WhatsApp? Seen some cool new features in the iOS version and cursed the Apple? Well, you may take back your curses as WhatsApp finally released a significant update for its Android users, and we would like to add that it’s big! Read on to find out what new features does the 2.12.250 version of WhatsApp available for download from the Google Play Store has in store for you…

Amusing Emojis & Sensitive Skin Tones!

whatsapp update emoji sensitive skin tones

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For those who swear by their use of Emojis, the latest WhatsApp update for Android will be a pleasant surprise. There are a range of new Emojis such as the ‘middle finger’, which we agree is boorish yet also confident that will be used frequently! The epic Vulcan salute, the Vulcan salute, has also been turned into an Emoji. Furthermore, keeping in mind the different skin tones that we come with, the user can choose from a range of five skin tones for some particular Emojis.

This song for her, that song for him

whatsapp custom notification

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By this, we mean you can customize the notifications for each contact. Up until now, the user could customize notifications only for the whole app, but with the latest update, the user can set a specific ringtone for each contact, set different notification light colours, set a vibration or disable it for each contact, customize the call or message ringtone for each contact. If you have a contact who unceremoniously keeps texting you, you could even set an individual ‘mute’ on them (only on WhatsApp of course!) thanks to the new update; group chats are no longer the only chats you can mute. You can mute the chat for 8 hours, a week, or even a year.

Mark a message as unread

whatsapp message mark unread

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No no! This feature does not save you from that Word War causing blue ticks; all the feature does is mark a read message as ‘unread’ if you wish to get back to the chat later when you have the time. Or the guts! So if you have read a message, the other person will still be able to see those blue ticks, unless you have disabled them before.

Call without worrying about high data usage!

whatsapp update high data usage

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One of the best features that the last big WhatsApp update brought was the voice calling feature. However, the data consumption was still considered a problem by many, thus restricting them from making more calls. Thankfully, with the new update the user can lower the data used for making WhatsApp calls, saving them some precious MBs. The user can also keep a track of the data used for making such calls.

With the number of WhatsApp users increasing, so is the demand for additional features. We can expect the WhatsApp team to come up with even more exciting updates in the future, such as Google Drive integration.

Now go, update your Android WhatsApp and mute that annoying friend of yours…