4 Must Have Beauty Gadgets To Look Dazzling

4 Must Have Beauty Gadgets To Look Dazzling

4 Must Have Beauty Gadgets To Look Dazzling

by September 1, 2015
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Although we are believers of the adage “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”, we also believe that once in a while, each one of us feels like looking good for ourselves. With the new kinds of technology, we now have what are called “beauty gadgets” that aid our never-ending endeavour to look better. Listed below are a few of these gadgets:-

elle clinique sonic system

Image Source: eloisedreyer.com

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

The beauty industry understands our need to keep our skin healthy and glowing. With this product from Clinique, we will be able to do just that. The very soft bristles of the gadget gently clean the skin of all the grime and impurities. Since the bristles are carefully designed to suit all skin types, there are hardly any chances of your skin negatively reacting to it. You will not need to exfoliate your skin if you regularly use this amazing gadget priced at around Rs.12, 500. The gadget is battery operated, making it portable.

braun face

Image Source: amazon.com

Braun Face

Another aspect of face care is regularly removing the facial hair. However, it may not be possible to get it professionally removed every time you need to. That’s where the Braun Face comes in. The gadget incorporates an epilator and cleansing brush which effectively removes extra facial hair. The gadget can be used to clean your upper lip, forehead, and cheeks. However, care must be taken to use the machine at least a few hours before stepping out as the trimming may lead to a bit of redness on the face. The product is available for about Rs.4, 900.

skin roller

Image Source: blackgirllonghair.com

Skin roller

This product may bring you some pain, but this gadget holds promise. The gadget is nothing but a long stick with a wheel attached to it that decreases the size of your pores, gets rid of gray scales that are characteristic of ageing skin, softens the skin, promotes new skin cell development, and makes the transitional acne better. The painful part is that the wheel which has pins attached needs to be rolled over your skin. This process improves the blood flow to the face skin and improves its quality. There are brands like Dermaroller, Dr. Roller that sell such gadgets.

philips 6 in 1 multistyler

Image Source: esellerpro.com

Multi styler

Which woman doesn’t like stepping out with dazzling hair? If straight hair is in vogue today, tomorrow it is curly hair. With times, the trends in hairstyles change too and it becomes essential to keep up with them if you are fashion conscious, and there is one gadget that will help you with that: a multi styler. A multi styler includes a curling tong which can be used to set ringlets, a spiral brush to create waves, a crimped for crimped hair or straight hair. Philips offers a 6-in-1 multi styler for about Rs. 3000.

Equip yourself with any of these gadgets and let them work their magic to help you step out looking more radiant, and feeling healthier.