4 ‘Geeky’ Gifting Ideas for Geeks of Today

4 ‘Geeky’ Gifting Ideas for Geeks of Today

4 ‘Geeky’ Gifting Ideas for Geeks of Today

by December 2, 2014

Buying a gift for someone you like the most is very special, but there are instances, where you will be in a state of bewilderment. Getting confused is a human trait that seems to grow with the increasing choices of gifts these days. Buying gold and other precious metals as gifts is passé and needless to say—the costs are rising as well. If you are on a limited budget, you can still find some of the best gifts for geeks. Here are some of the best gifting ideas that you can think of:

Gift #1: Tony Stark Light Up LED Iron Man T-Shirt

led iron man tshirt

If you have watched Iron Man, you will surely know what this T-shirt will display in the centre. You can grab this T-shirt at many online stores and also get a good discount if you buy during the festive season. In the centre of this T-shirt, there are battery-powered LEDs on the inner side of this T-shirt that give off the Iron Man effect. Remember that these LEDs operate of AAA batteries—so it makes sense to gift a few AAA batteries along with this T-shirt.

Gift #2: Ray Ban Eyewear

ray ban eyewear

Most geeks spend several hours either reading books or working on computers. So, gifting them Ray Ban eye glasses will surely be of great help. However, before you gift these glasses, you will have to check if the geeks are currently wearing any specific glasses for reading. There are several online gift stores that are offering substantial discounts on Ray Ban eyewear. You may also look at exclusive eyewear stores that will have a wide variety of other protective eyewear as well.

Gift #3: USB LED Beverage Cooler

usb beverage cooler


This again is a fantastic idea for a gift for a geek who is totally into computers and gaming. This device is a USB device and it can simply be plugged to the USB port of the computer or laptop. Geeks love to drink beverages when they are engrossed in their daily routines. At such times, if the refrigerator came to them—they will always welcome them with open arms. Such USB beverage coolers may not be available in all gift stores; hence, you will have to be a bit patient when you are searching for them on online stores.

Gift #4: Camera Lens Mug

camera lens mug

Geeks who love photography, will want to see a camera and its lens in almost all things that are in front of them. Absurd, but true, photography geeks will love the idea of a lens mug when you are gifting it to them.

There are different definitions of a geek. Some say that they are silent geniuses while others will say that they are studious brats. The most common trait amongst geeks is that they are passionate about what they do best. If you find a computer geek, he or she will be totally into the computer—it really doesn’t matter if it is hardware or it is software that they like. When you are selecting a gift for a geek, you will have to identify the interests and hobbies of that person. This will give you a clear indication of what you need to buy for the geek.