21 Incredible Things That You Never Imagined Your iPhone can Do!

21 Incredible Things That You Never Imagined Your iPhone can Do!

21 Incredible Things That You Never Imagined Your iPhone can Do!

by January 12, 2018

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There is no denying that owning the iPhone is a privilege of sorts. The skyrocketing price of this premier smartphone makes it nothing less than a luxury commodity. And why not! After all, Apple has left no stone unturned to make these devices uber cool from every aspect. However, few users are acquainted with all the exciting features that the iPhone has to offer. The impressive camera quality and hypnotic voice of Siri keep most enchanted. But that’s not how you can take full advantage of your deluxe purchase. To nudge your exploring streak we have enlisted 21 incredible things that iPhones can do to provide you with even better and smoother user experience.

1. Respond to Messages without Bothering to Unlock

When in a hurry, unlocking the phone can seem to be a bother yet we often need to do the same for replying to urgent texts. The iPhone has an easy solution for this. As soon as notification for a new message appears on your lock screen swipe it a little on the left and you will find an option to reply directly from there sans unlocking.

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2.Keep Tab on the Audio-Visual Content Exchanged with a Contact

In the age of virtual messaging you can often find yourself in a position to recall what photos or videos someone had shared with you and vice versa. iPhone lets you do this in a jiffy. Tap on the ‘Detail’ button of any messaging thread to check out all the photos, audio files and videos exchanged in one place. This can improve the quality of sharing.

3.Enhance Sound Quality for Enjoying Music Better

May it be those impromptu dancing sessions with your BFF or an in-room party, playing the music a tad louder is a necessity at times. Go to the Settings menu of your iPhone to first select Music and then EQ. Choose the Late Night option and rejoice in the Bluetooth speaker like sound quality.

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4.Allow the Battery to Get Ready for Action in a Jiffy

Waiting for the drained battery to be fully charged can be a tiresome task. Thankfully, iPhone has a hidden solution for this as well. Put it in the airplane mode and see it soak up charge a lot faster.

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5.Correct Errors without Batting an Eye-Lid

Thanks to auto suggestions typos have become a daily norm. It is also nothing uncommon to use a photo editing feature that looks absolutely ghastly. iPhone lets you make easy corrections while texting or editing a photo swiftly. Just shake the device and it will show you can undo option.

6.Add a Touch of Enigma to Regular Messaging

Some messages are strictly meant for a single person’s eyes. With iPhone you can send self-destructive messages that get deleted after just two minutes of sending. You will find option for activating this feature in the audio and video messages section of the main Settings menu.

7.Text Your Location Quicker

Why bother to explain your whereabouts with the iPhone in hand? It lets you text back your location to friends with two taps. Go to the Detail button on the upper right corner of any message thread and scroll down to “Share My Location”, it is that simple.

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8.Find Photos by Key Words

Scrolling down till eternity to find a photo taken months back is really difficult. The Photos app in iPhone lets you search for photos using keywords of things or persons in the photo. For example you can find photos with your pet by using the keyword dog.

9.Turn Off Audio-Books and Music Automatically

Sometimes we like to let the music play or hear an audiobook in bed. Tap to get inside iPhone’s Clock app and there set the timer, specifying how long you want the media files to keep playing.

10.Mute Text Threads for Peace to Prevail

Feeling bothered by some over-interested beau? Use the “Do Not Disturb” button on the top of the text thread to turn their text thread mute.

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11.Let Them Follow You Wherever You Go

At times it is necessary to let friends or family follow your car on purpose so all reach destination at the same time. Hit the “Send My Current Location” button in the Details tab of any text thread for this.

12.Find Out about Flights with Voice Commands

Do you need to know if a flight is on time? Just say “what flights are overhead” to the iPhone and it will give you a detailed chart of all the flights in the sky along with a map!

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13.Improve Reminders by Adding a Location

Your personal assistant via iPhone, Siri can not only remind you of performing a task but also the exact place where to perform it. You can tell her to tell you to call a client on reaching office and so on.

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14.Listen to News and e-Books

The Speak Text feature of iPhone enables it to read any text that appears on the screen. Take advantage of this feature and listen to e-books when your hands are full.

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15.Relish the Benefits of 3D Touch

The recent models of iPhone have a feature called the 3D Touch which shows up a list of shortcuts when you press down on any app icon. For example, by pressing on the Camera icon you will get the option of Take a Selfie.

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16.Find a Parking without Hassle

Connect the iPhone to your car’s Bluetooth and it will start showing you viable parking options when you reach the parking lot.

17.Take Photos Faster

Press the photo capture button of iPhone’s camera and let it swiftly get into the Burst mode for rapid clicks. Don’t worry, each photo will come haze free and perfect to be used.

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18.Control the Phone with Head Movements

First head for Interaction sub-tab in the Accessibility Settings of your iPhone and “Add New Switch” of command as either “Right Head Movement” or “Left Head Movement”.

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19.Check Your Movement History

Your iPhone keeps tab of every place you visit. You can check your history of movements in the Location Services section of Privacy Settings.

20.Detect the Caller

iOS 9 offers suggestions about a caller’s identity even when the number flashing on the screen is not in your contact list.

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21.Launch Music App Get Automatically Launched

Do you listen to music while jogging in the morning or while returning home from work? Just plug in the earphone connected to iPhone and it will automatically launch the Music app in your aid.

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