10 must-have Apps for Windows phone users

10 must-have Apps for Windows phone users

10 must-have Apps for Windows phone users

by November 24, 2014

Agreed, Windows phones have yet to catch upon the trend of offering a vast number of apps as compared to Android and iOS phones but nevertheless the listing of available apps (freee!) is decent enough to make you go for one. We present a brief overview of some popular apps which are available on Windows phone.



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Boon for the lovers of music, download Spotify right away to locate your music tracks instantly. This music streaming app offers selective content from EMI, Warner Music Group, Universal and Sony. Search as per artist, genre, album, play list and more. Opt for the paid version and enjoy the app ad free and even download the music and listen to it offline. What more, you can even share your preferred tracks, playlists and more with other users too.



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Keep up with your reading habit by downloading the Amazon’s Kindle app for free. Offering a plethora of classic books along with an updated catalogue of books across latest releases, all genres, authors and more, Kindle is simply a reader’s delight. Tune in with your other devices and even continue from the last read page across multiple devices, quite a helpful feature made available through Amazon’s Whispersync. With no more waiting to purchase a book at an offline store, you can always buy an e-book and get started instantly.




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It have a lot more on your head than you can remember? Take assistance of the Evernote app and make a note of everything you would like to refer to again. Store not only text but a webpage, an image, voice note or a handwritten note and file attachments too. This is not all, you can eve sort out notes into folders, tag, edit post comments and export them too. One of the most flexible notes-taking app available on Windows Phone along with wide range of operating systems. For user’s convenience, Evernote offers sync and backup services too.



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This app is simply a must for it converts your smartphone camera into a handy document scanner. Once installed, you just need to take an image of the document using the viewfinder. Post this, you can make it clearer through the app. CamScanner can auto detect, enhance and even crop images. The scanned documents can be exported as PDF files for further use. These scanned documents can be renamed, tagged, shared and even annotated using the Sky Drive.



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Windows Phone 8 users can download the Instagram Beta app to share their images on Instagram. Easy to use, share and upload, this app is has all the required features of Instagram. Surely, you are likely to get addicted to it if you love clicking and sharing images through your smartphone. Additionally, you can enhance these images using special effect, photo filters and more that are available in the Instagram App.



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Available for iOS and Windows Phone, this app allows you to solve math equations with ease. For use, the math problems can be scanned using the phone’s camera. Once the app recognizes the problem, it works its way to solve it while listing out the steps done to solve it. At present, the PhotoMath comfortably solves middle school level math problems which range from basic arithmetic, fractions, decimals, linear equations, powers, roots and more. Remember this app recognizes printed matter so your handwritten problem will not be solved.


Love trying out new apps by downloading them for free? Well, use the AppDeals on your Windows Phone to stay updated on the recently available apps and games. It also tells you which apps are free for a limited period of time so get going right now. Make sure you use the AppDeals almost every day to download as many as high quality new apps and enjoy using them

Time of My Life


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Wish to keep track of where you have been in the past few days or weeks? Well then this tracker will record all your activities through the GPS coordinates and the locations specified. Ascertain how much time you spend in traveling or at your favourite coffee shop or at work or relaxing at home. It can offer review of your weekly whereabouts and how much time you spent where through graphs.



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This one is for those who wish to network and socialize as well. Weave is synchronized with Linkedin profiles and when accessed lists out professionals who are in the vicinity. Approach them for a meeting through the app and they will respond by swiping a positive or a negative reply. As per Weave stats, nearly 100 or more people are meeting up through it.



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This app is a good upcoming app offering you full compatibility with Instagram. Avail it for free and use it to upload images, social sharing, filters and geo-tag at par with Instagram and on your Instragram account. You can even upload videos and make 6Tag ad free by going for its paid version. Even Facebook has allowed it to perform as per its available features.

Windows Phones are rapidly gaining ground along with Android and iOS phones. Apart from the operating systems, apps are the next thing most users look out for before going to buy one. So, definitely going through the available apps, you are sure to get a fair overview of the most popular apps available on the Windows Phone.