10 Hidden Android Features that You Must Try

10 Hidden Android Features that You Must Try

10 Hidden Android Features that You Must Try

by January 4, 2018

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After unboxing a new smartphone what we usually concentrate on doing is installing our favourite apps. A few swipes and scrolling down of the Quick Settings, flicking the torch on and off and trying the rotate button are about all the exploring the OS receives from us. As a result, over a period of time Android has gathered quite a number of tricks and treats up its sleeve for its curious users. If inspected closely and utilized correctly these little-known Android features can give close competition to those offered by the iOS. As you can guess, such features have the penchant for turning your handheld device more useful and proactive. Make the most of your Android phone by finding out its hidden features from the following list of ten.

1. Transfer Files Smoothly via Android Beam

No need to mail important files or use the Bluetooth if you have the Android Beam feature on your phone. It was first introduced along with Android’s 4.0 version known as Ice-cream Sandwich. To make this work both people participating in the file transfer have to turn on the NFC by going to the Wireless & Network section in Settings. Also, check if the Android Beam feature has been activated and if not you have to do it manually. Now place both Android phones back to back and choose the video, photo, PDF or Word document you want to share. As soon as you touch the Touch to Beam option the file will then be transferred to your friend’s.

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2. Protect Your Phone from Nosey Parkers with Screen Pinning

Every once in a while you are obliged to hand over your phone to the naughty toddler for playing games or to that prying sibling for making a call. However, you cannot hope them to stay in one place, can you?! Instead of taking chances try the Screen Pinning feature which was introduced with Android 5.0 or Lollipop. You will find it in the Advanced tab of the Security section by launching the Settings menu. Once you pin a particular gaming app or any other page, those using your phone will not be able to move away from there.

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3. Listen to Content on the Go with Text to Speech Option

It is likely that you miss out on daily news and more in the hurry-burry of reaching office on time or getting multiple chores done around the home. The Text to Speech feature of Android can assist you in this regard. This feature lets users listen to web pages instead of reading them. Scoot to the Language & Input section in Settings and enter the Google Text to Speech Engine. You can not only choose a preferred language in which you want the text to be read but also the speed, pitch and intonation style. Also, listen to an example of how the voice sounds to tone it up or notch it down as per your personal preference

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4. Safeguard Your Data from Faraway with Remote Locking

The crowded metro or a busy street, your mobile can be stolen anytime and from anywhere. Android has launched the remote locking feature to prevent data theft even if the smartphone is no more in your hands. Open the Android Device Manager tab located inside the Security Settings and tap on the boxes next to ‘Remotely Locate This Device’ and ‘Allow Remote Lock and Erase”. You will be able to locate your smartphone plus block intruders from reaching your personal information by this safety measure.


5. Enjoy Hassle Free Security with Smart Lock

Let’s admit, drawing the unlocking pattern or entering the password every few minutes especially when you are cooking, researching or in short multitasking is a heck. Android has introduced the Smart Lock feature to curb this problem. This feature keeps your phone unlocked as long as you are the person carrying it. Add Trusted Agents like places, devices or voices according to your convenience. Proximity to these agents will keep the phone unlocked. You can locate this feature in the Security Settings menu of your smartphone.


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6. Flexible Expansion with Adoptable Storage

We have all been in that place when our phone memory got over-flooded and saturated with data, acting all clogged up and funny. SD cards also don’t come handy at such times as not all apps can be transferred to them. With the help of the Adoptable Storage feature, you can convert an SD card, which is basically a portable storage, into an internal storage. This will remove all prior data existing on the SD card which is why it is advisable that you take back up before starting.

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7. Share Your Smart Device without Hesitation with Guest Accounts

Since version 5.0 or Lollipop Android has started to offer multi-user functionality by setting up Guest Accounts. In case a colleague, friend or family member urgently need to use your smartphone device for some reason you can let them have it without compromising on privacy. Simply visit the Settings part of your mobile and tap into the User section. Here you will find an option for adding new users. You can create a completely separate account from yours and let someone else use the phone without ever invading your virtual space.

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8. Enhance Efficiency with the Help of File Manager

From its 6.0 version, Android has designated a dedicated File Manager which you can put to use for improving your phone’s functionality. Get inside the Storage & USB tab in Settings where you will find the space occupied by each type of file enlisted. Choose the Explore option that will allow you to check each audio, text and video file in an organized interface. You can share or delete files as you please, getting tasks done in a blink of an eye.


9. Directly Print from Your Mobile with Cloud Print

Android’s Cloud Print feature allows you to easily print anything directly via the smartphone without any need of self-mailing and opening it through the computer. You can simply go to the Cloud Print page and set your mobile as a device of choice. You can also open the page you want printed in the Google Cloud Print app and tap select preferred size and style. Soon the printer will be churning out images and files directly from your mobile.

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10. Turn Your Phone into a Digital Photo Frame with Day Dream

The Day Dream feature has been a part of Android from its 4.2 update. You can check it out in the Display section of the Settings menu. It lets you use different types of screen savers at times when the phone is not being used. You can select a favourite album and let the pictures rotate or just add a simple background with a clock. You can also choose to turn this feature on only during charging the phone.


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