10 Hair Gadgets for Everyday Maintenance and Styling

10 Hair Gadgets for Everyday Maintenance and Styling

10 Hair Gadgets for Everyday Maintenance and Styling

by November 17, 2017

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1. Blow Dryer/Hair Dryer

Whenever you are in a rush to go out for a meeting with just about ten minutes to prep the hair, the only gadget that comes to your rescue is the blow dryer. First invented by Alexander Godefroy, a French Stylist of immense repute, in 1890, blow dryers have travelled a long way and been through many constructional changes. The main function of this hand held, and portable hair gadget is evaporating water from wet hair strands by blowing normal to hot air. Presently, there are four main types of hair dryers or blow dryers which are ceramic, Ionic, Infrared and tourmaline. To prevent hair from scorching, you may opt for the ceramic hair dryers which emanate mildly warm air. Being coated with ceramic, this type of hair dryers spread the heat in an even manner, drying hair gently. To counteract the positively charged ions of water, the ionic hair dryers produce negative ions that quickly dries your hair without making it frizzy. A costlier counterpart of the ionic hair dryer, the tourmaline hair dryer gives off more negative ions, quickening the hair drying procedure. Infrared hair dryers emit infrared beams that infiltrate hair strands and dries them from within. While making your pick also check the wattage of hair dryers that determines their effectiveness.

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2. Hair Straightener

Sleek and straight hair has been dominating the fashion arenas across countries since the 1890s, when hair straightening techniques were coined. Hair straightener is a popular hand-held device that anyone can easily use at home for non-permanent straightening. Three of the important attributes that a good quality hair straightener must possess are even heat distribution, temperature regulation and auto shut off. Even heat distribution ensures that all the hair strands are evenly straightened, making it unnecessary for users to reapply the device on undone parts again and again. Instead of hair straighteners with an inefficient low, medium and high temperature setting, buy one which lets you decide the exact temperature required. Temperature gauging reduces the chance of burns and accidents considerably. Auto shut off feature turns the straightener off when it gets excessively heated or not being used. Another feature to check before buying hair straightener is the material of its plate. Ceramic coated, and solid ceramic plates are the most recommended options as they distribute the heat evenly and cause less hair damage. But, if your hair is coarse or thick then a titanium plated one will be a better choice. Some models of hair straighteners are available with Teflon coating that reduces friction between hair and the plates. Also, look for hair straighteners that heat up quicker, preferably under a minute or two, for styling hair when there is a time constraint.

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3. Hair Straightening Brush

If you are looking for a more cost-effective hair straightening tool, then hair straightening brush is the answer to your prayers. The advantage of getting a hair straightening brush is that they offer multi-functionality of brushing, combing and freeing hair from unseemly fizziness at the same instant, reducing the time you need to get ready. The travel-friendly, portable hair straightening brushes have less bulk than hair straighteners, and they can be used as simple hair brush while unplugged. Most of the latest straightening brushes come with an LCD screen, displaying the temperature, which users can regulate easily. The top-end hair straightening brushes have dual voltage, auto shut-off, and auto lock features. Auto locking is especially beneficial if you have small kids at home. Their different modes of temperature feature let you choose the appropriate temperature ideally suited to your hair type. Hair straightening brushes which have ceramic plating are more reliable due to their even heating prowess and frizz resistance. While looking for hair straightening brush select one which has silicone coating at the bristle ends. The silicone coating prevents heat from scalding the scalp during use.

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4. Hair Steamer

Unlike the hair gadgets discussed until now, hair steamer is not styling equipment but a hair nourishing companion that can be a part of your beauty regimen. Hair steamers are incredibly effective in turning your dry, frizzy and lustreless hair into supple and smooth. Experimenting with different hair styling techniques like colouring and highlighting leads to hair damage. On top of that, the regular use of styling gels and hair setting sprays cause dryness and dandruff. Hair steamers help in remedying these problems, replenishing the natural moisture your hair loses every day. The hair steamers exude water enriched hot steam that allows your hair to soak up the moisture from hair masks and conditioners. Steaming on a weekly basis reduces hair breakage. In addition, hair steamers lift the cuticles of each hair strand, helping in the absorption of hair oils. That’s why this gadget is the perfect partner for hot oil therapy at home. Hair steamers are also used for detangling hair and making them easily manageable. High quality hair steamers come with in-built Ozone generators. The ozone atoms assist in decreasing scruff or dandruff on the scalp, so that later while washing you can clean the dirt easily. Instead of traditional hair steamers, you can also opt for the hair steaming caps, which are easy to use and store. Made of flame retardant material, the hair steaming caps offer two or more temperature settings.

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5. Hair Curler

Curly hair has an exotic charm of its own, which makes hair curlers a popular choice among the fashionistas of the world. Even in ancient Babylonian culture women used hot rods, especially bronze ones, for curling hair but the unregulated temperature would often result in hair burns. The modern hair curlers come with advanced temperature control feature to safeguard the locks from heat along with different sizes of curling rods and exciting barrel shapes such as conical, cylindrical, reverse conical, double barrel and triple barrel, for a variety of curling styles. Choose hair curlers according to the size of curls you most prefer. For bouncy and bigger curls, a hair curler with about 2-inches of barrel width will be ideal. If you want tighter curls, then opt for 0.5 inches or lesser barrel width and for figure-8 like curl strands sported by celebrities like Taylor Swift, choose double or triple barrel curling iron. Curlers manufactured using metal irons, or chrome material can be harmful to the hair texture, making it prone to breakage and dryness. Instead, buy hair curlers with Teflon, titanium or gold coating. The ceramic and tourmaline variants might be costlier, but they are safer for regular use, spreading heat equally to each hair strand and enhancing their moisture content. The top of the line hair curlers come with LED light to denote whether the device is ready to use and screen for checking the temperature.

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6. Hair Waver

Wavy locks are a preferred style that too can be achieved with the help of hair gadgets. Hair wavers are dedicated to give your hair a stunning sea-wave like structure. Often confused with curls, natural waves are generally found near the end of locks while the part close to scalp remains straighter. From casual to sculpted, with the help of hair wavers you can control the shape of waves in your head. Those who find it difficult to use the trickier hair curling tongs also opt for the hair waver due to its similarity in structure with hair straighteners. The only difference between hair straighteners and hair wavers is that in the latter you will find barrels instead of the flat plates. It is advisable to choose a hair waver which is lightweight because you will be using it at home without any help. Those who have thick hair need a hair waver with larger barrel diameter around 2 inches. Thin hairs get burnt easily that’s why thinner barrelled hair waver are suitable for them. Hair wavers usually have various heat settings ranging from 80 °C to 230 °C for providing more styling options and variety of waves. The triple barrel wavers are popular for offering loose waves that look more natural and beautiful. Tourmaline ceramic hair wavers are best buys as they enhance the texture of hair giving it a soft and shiny appearance.

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7. Hair Crimper

From fashion ramps to television serials, crimped hair is an eye-catching style statement that gives your look a trendy touch. What’s more, with hair crimpers you can flaunt this hair style at parties or festivals as you wish. Hair crimpers give your hair a zig-zag or sawtooth texture, enhancing their volume. Hair crimpers usually consist of two parallelly fitted metal plates with zigzag or repeated ‘s’ like grooves. The plates generate hot vapor to imprint the grooves or zigzag shape on your hair strands. Understandably, temperature settings are an integral point of concern for selecting the right hair crimper. Too much heat can damage your hair but a low temperature will make the crimp undistinguishable. Choose a hair crimper that offers heat ranging from 230-degree Fahrenheit to 430-degree Fahrenheit with temperature controlling option. The plates of crimpers should be made of either titanium or tourmaline coated with ceramic. Titanium is highly heat tolerant, letting you use a really hot crimper on your hair for instant smoothness and efficient crimping. Titanium also reduces the static charge in hair that makes hair look unkempt. The crimpers with tourmaline and ceramic plates are comparatively affordable.

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8. Air Styler

Does using complicated tongs or irons seem too much of a task? Or, are you looking for a simpler hair gadget that makes hair manageable in a jiffy? Well, the air stylers for hair might be the right choice for your needs. Air stylers emanate hot air for bringing desired hair styling results. There are different types of hair air stylers in the market, each of which serves a specific purpose. Some of the air stylers come with five or more different settings to help you flaunt a new style every day, from straight to wavy to curly. There are also air stylers with a comb like head which volumizes hair, giving it a bouncier appearance. This type of air stylers are especially good for ladies who have thin hair yet want to give their hair a lively makeover. The mark of a powerful air styler is its motor, which should be around 650w. The hair air stylers can also be used for drying your hair in lieu of hair dryers and brushing them with its smoothening bristles. Manufacturers are taking special precautions to build air stylers, ensuring protection from overheating.

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9. Scalp Massager

From vibrating brushes to full-blown electric head massagers, you will find scalp massagers in a number of varieties, sporting brilliant features. Naturally, there price also varies according to functionality. Scalp massagers are essential for hair growth and maintaining hair health as they improve blood circulation to the head. Improved blood circulation delivers right amounts of nutrients to the hair follicles, ultimately strengthening the hair. In addition, massaging the scalp prevents dandruff which is one of the primary reasons behind hair fall. The common scalp massagers have acupressure bristles for combing and massaging the head. There are also waterproof scalp massagers for massaging the scalp well with shampoo to get rid of grime, excess oil and accumulated sebum. By opening the clogged hair pores and stimulating hair follicles these scalp massagers boost the health of tresses. Low cost magnetic, vibrating head massagers have a brush like design and nylon or silicon tipped bristles for comfort.

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10. Hair Multi-Styler

In the age of multi-tasking, it is natural to look for a hair styling gadget that offers two or more functionalities and combines an array of impressive features. With a multi-styler at home you can enjoy similar privilege to having a personal hair stylist, waiting your commands. Hair multi-stylers have been designed to provide users with a wide range of styling options without switching gadgets. User friendliness is the prime characteristic of hair multi-stylers, making it easy for even amateurs to style their hair in a hassle-free manner. Multi-stylers can offer up to thirty different heating temperatures for bringing variety in your daily look. You may create big waves like the edges of clouds or go for a silky straight look within just minutes. Most of the multi-stylers have multiple attachments, each meant for a specific task. By adjoining spiral brush to its tong curler, you can achieve beach waves and convertible crimpers help in giving hair a dramatic zigzag appearance. Since there is no dearth in variety, pick a multi-styler that comes with features compatible with your personal styling aesthetics.

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