10 Exciting Features of the Android’s Sweet Delight – Marshmallow

10 Exciting Features of the Android’s Sweet Delight – Marshmallow

10 Exciting Features of the Android’s Sweet Delight – Marshmallow

by October 7, 2015
Top 10 Features of Android Marshmallow

Source: androidcentral.com

Google Nexus 6P (priced at Rs 39,999) and Nexus 5X (Rs 31,900) are expected to come loaded with Google’s sugary treat Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. In India you can get your hands on this simplistic and intuitive OS from mid-October onwards. Of course you will have to own at least one of these smartphones or Pixel C tablet (priced at $499 for the 32 GB model), the first tablet based on this OS.

Let’s check out the key features of this much-talked about operating system from Android:


1.Contextual Assistance

Now on Tap: This digital assistant anticipates what exactly you need in a particular moment. With just a simple tap you can get all the helpful information, support and the apps that help you gratify your need to know.

marshmallow now on tap

Source: softpedia-static.com

Do more with your voice: Having a dialogue with any of your apps that support the new voice interaction service can be fun. For instance, if you say “Play some music on TuneIn”, the TuneIn app will respond by asking “What genre?”



Doze: Automatically puts your device into a near-off state when your device is at rest. This increases the standby battery life of your device.

marshmallow standby battery

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App Standby: There are so many apps that we seldom use. App standby limits their impact on the battery life. It ensures your charge lasts much longer


3.Privacy & Security

android fingerprint sensors

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Fingerprint sensors: authenticates purchases from Google Play, transactions in apps and unlocking the device. All it requires is your fingerprint.



android m translate

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With the text selection actions like new ‘Translate’, you can instantly translate text from one language to another (74 languages). (PS: it requires Google Translate app installed)


5. System usability improvements

App links: installed apps automatically handle their web URLs to ensure you can swiftly jump right into the app and not on the mobile website.

android m app linking

Source: arstechnica.net


Hotspot 2.0: Now connect to compatible Wi-Fi networks securely and impeccably.

android m hotspot 2

Source: gsmarena.com



7.Device setup and migration

When changing to a new device, you can swiftly transfer your accounts, data and apps. Also, an automatic backup for app is a great feature to look for.


8.Android for Work

With Android M, you can view work related past messages, contact details and calls even without having to log in to your work profile.


9.Direct Share

android marshmallow direct share

Source: androidcommunity.com

With just a simple click, the Direct Share feature of Android M enable apps to share content directly with specific contacts.


10.Android Run-time (“ART”)

You can expect an improved application performance along with a lower memory overhead for a hassle-free multi-tasking.

Google has already come up with a list of devices that will receive an update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow this month. So, if being the first in line to be treated to the latest addition to Android legacy – Android 6.0 Marshmallow is what you desire; then do invest in a Nexus device.