10 Best Recipe Apps that can make you a Master Chef

by November 25, 2014

The old adage -The way to a man’s heart through his stomach holds true even today!! Even if you are out to win over your family members, neighbours and friends, it’s best you do it by serving them with delicious food made by you. Your search for the best of trending recipe choices can be comfortably done either online or through your tablet or smartphone. Yes, you can search them right from where you are – on the move, at home or at office – a quick browse through the innumerable Indian recipe apps and you can zero down on the recipe of the day in just a few minutes.

For your convenience, we have jotted down few of the most popular Indian recipe apps

Sweet and Spicy

Sweet-n-SpicyAvailable for Android as well as Apple users, Sweet and Spicy offers an array of vegetarian as well as non vegetarian fare across main course, side dishes and desserts too. Look out for its handy feature, My Kitchen that helps you locate a recipe as per the available ingredients in your kitchen. For the health conscious people, there’s an inbuilt calorie calculator which displays the calories of the dish.

Compatibility: iOS, Android


epicuriousAvailable for Windows Phone, Android and iOS, the Epicurious offers voice based support. Loaded with recipes developed by top chefs, culinary writers and even leading restaurants, you need to just click on the recipe and hear the process out, convenient isn’t it? Saves a lot of time from referring to the screen for following the instructions! Liked a recipe but don’t have all the ingredients? Make your shopping list right away to pick them out next time you are out for shopping. You can even sync the app with your other devices by creating an account.

Compatibility: iOS, Android and Windows

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

ardinnerA free to download app for iOS, Windows Phone and Android, works slightly differently. You can spin across the app to locate the most suitable recipe suggestions on par with the main ingredients and type of meal you wish to enjoy. Not only, the recipe suggestions but also extensive instructions along with videos will be displayed. You can also use the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner to make your shopping list, store recipes for future use and more.

Compatibility: iOS, Android and Windows


bigovenThis app offers more than 3,50,000 recipes which can be browsed through the web as well. Available across all three platforms, Android, iOS and Windows Phone, the Big Oven app give select full menu suggestions. For ingredient based suggestions, enter 3 ingredients and get recipe suggestions instantly. Go ahead to prepare a free account to store your recipes, create recipes lists and even access your Facebook pals recipes.

Compatibility: iOS, Android and Windows

Indian Recipes

indian recipesOf course!! You must be looking out for them. Download the Indian recipe app to locate regional dishes and even plan feast menus across almost all Indian festivals such as Diwali, Navratri, Holi, Christmas and more. This app is available for Android and iOS and is loaded with hundreds of recipes with easy to follow instructions guides you through making healthy and tasty meals always.

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Evernote Food

evernote foodA very popular app available for Android and iOS, is not just about recipes but offers restaurant suggestions and reviews too. Search as per your taste preferences or make lists of restaurants you have already visited. You can even save recipes across the web for browsing later. If you are true blue foodie then prepare a list of most enjoyable dining experiences which include the dishes you enjoyed the most along with your photographs too in the Evernote Food App.

Compatibility: iOS, Android


pepperplateAvailable across all three platforms viz. Android, iOS, Windows 8, the Pepperplate is one of the best recipe app, you can rely upon. Offering the option to import recipes from other websites and sync with related devices, you can use the Pepperplate app to customise daily meal menus and even for special events. This is not all; Pepperplate comes with a cook mode to prevent the screen from sleeping or dimming off if you are referring to it while cooking. Pepperplate can become your perfect cooking partner, each time you enter the kitchen.

Compatibility: iOS, Android and Windows

All the Cooks


This app is not just for cooking but for sharing and exchanging recipes too. Upload your recipes. Loaded with recipes across an array of categories for you to refer too, things get exciting when your profile is created and you can not only share but also comment on recipes uploaded by friends, strangers and of course, family including yours too. Some useful suggestions which include substitution ideas, flavour enhancers and even side dishes to pair up with them and more, All the Cooks is more about experiencing then just cooking.

Compatibility: iOS, Android


myfitnesspalWell, as you all know fitness and food are inter related and hence a handy calorie counter as MyFitnessPal comes handy each time you partake anything. Available for Android and iOS, MyFitnesspal helps you to ascertain the calorie content in over 4,000,000 foods. Easy to use as you can share enter your favorite meals and save them too. You can diet with your friends, share and track information and even set your own diet parameters. Don’t forget to synchronise it with other devices to stay fit as much as you can, whether you are on the move or stationed elsewhere. With data available in both metric and English units, customised diet profile and even a recipe calculator, MyFitnessPal is the most relied upon health and cooking across the globe.

Compatibility: iOS, Android and Windows

How to Cook Everything

how-to-cookOne of the most popular apps developed for Android, iOS and Windows Phone developed by Mark Bittman, New York Times. The app is based on the How to Cook Everything, a bestselling cook book with more than 2000 recipes and many illustrations to go with them. Power packed with an easy search, recipe finders along with instruction and timers, you are surely going to enjoy cooking with this app. Already integrated with Twitter and Facebook, you can even share your recipes. How to Cook Everything becomes handier when it allows you to create a shopping list for ingredients too.

Compatibility: iOS, Android
Get going to enter the kitchen armed with these most helpful cooking apps. With most of your family members and friends waiting to lay their hands upon the most delectable and delicious recipes cooked by you… Need we say more?