Bicycle Price List in India

Bicycle Price List

Latest BicyclesPrice
Oyama Swift L500 Road CycleRs. 20,854
Atlas ATS10MS24GRY 24T Mountain CycleRs. 13,800
Ghost GH-SE1227S 26 Inch Mountain CycleRs. 39,770
Lapierre Raid 229 24 speed LP RD22924S Mountain BicycleRs. 40,612
Schnell Steal SHST1 Hybrid BicycleRs. 15,034
Rising India RA03 14 Inch Road CycleRs. 1,899
Rising India RA06 16 Inch Road CycleRs. 2,499
Hercules Rocky 2.0 26 Inch Mountain CycleRs. 3,800
Hero Octane Endeavour SEND26YLBL01 Mountain CycleRs. 14,669
Kross Pretty Miss 12T 402376 Recreation CycleRs. 3,443

List of Bicycle Brands

Kross Bicycles| Gang Bicycles| Excel Bicycles| Huffy Bicycles| Addo India Bicycles| Longhorn Bicycles| G Sports Bicycles| Fantom Bicycles| Montra Bicycles| Schnell Bicycles| Phoenix Bicycles| X Bicycle Bicycles| Frog Bicycles| Infinite Bicycles| Hlx-nmc Bicycles| UT Bicycles| Duster Bicycles| lapierre Bicycles| Cannondale Bicycles| LA Sovereign Bicycles| Goldie Bicycles| Merida Bicycles| Firefox Bicycles| Royal Baby Bicycles| Cyclomax Bicycles| Marlin Bicycles| OYAMA Bicycles| SUNCROSS Bicycles| Freemotion Bicycles| AdraxX Bicycles|View All

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AS youngsters every one of us loved riding the bi-cycles, it was one of the most cherished recreational activities; it was a wonderful past time. While we all loved pedaling our way to everywhere we went literally, little did we realize then that it was one of the best forms of exercises. Today, several people are looking to buy a cycle mainly with the intention of reducing their expenses on gas for their vehicles and also to contribute towards the greener environment. Besides, more and more people are also waking up to the idea that cycling is a great form of exercise and is a great outdoor activity. While you ride your cycle, you not only contribute to the environment and get a toned muscles but also you have great fun. Research suggests, that cycling is fast growing as the most popular leisure activities.

Types of cycles

Mountain bikes

As the name itself suggests, they are specially built with tough material and are quite robust. They sport a strong metal frame than other cycles because they are ridden over hills and rocks. Even the tires are tough and the suspension system gives has great shock absorption capacity thereby letting the rider have a smooth riding experience even while they are riding in the rough terrain. Most mountain bikes have wide wheels about 27 inches and have about 21-27 gears.

Trail bikes

These cycles are pretty similar to mountain bikes but are a lot less heavy and less expensive than them. These cycles are specially meant for road riding can’t handle the touch terrain. These are ideal for everyday commuters, students, fitness freaks and for recreational riders.

Comfort bikes

These cycles are designed to provide maximum comfort to the riders. They have a unique design, the distance between the seat and the handlebar is quite short as compared to other cycles. This is great for people with lower back pain problems; it doesn’t cause any stress to the back. This type of bikes have wide seats, soft saddles, good shock absorbing capacity and front forks.

Key factors to consider while buying cycle

Budget – first and foremost decide how much you are willing to spend on a cycle before you start shopping for one. This will help you narrow down your choice and make shopping much easier.

Accessories – keep some amount reserved for buying accessories, you would need some basic accessories like helmet, water bottle and pump.

Purpose – decide for what purpose you want to buy the cycle, whether it is for daily commute, for sporting activity or to get fit. This will not help you set your budget but also help you make a better choice. Make sure that you choose a cycle that is the right size. You must feel comfortable sitting on it, the seat should and the handlebar should be at right height.

Top brands

Hero cycles is undoubtedly one of the most prominent and popular brands in India. However, there are plenty of other models, which are equally good such as Atlas Cycles, BSA/Hercules and Avon cycles amongst others. Other not so popular brands yet worthy buying are Firefox, Montra, Trex and La Sovereign.

Why to Use Compareraja?

If you have made your decision to buy a cycle, it is advisable that you first visit, one of the leading comparison sites in India. It allows you compare the prices of the different models available in the market as well as do a side by side comparison of the features of the different brands. With comparison you would not only be able to choose wisely, which model is best for you but also will be able to know, which online store is offering the cycle at the best price.