Hob And Chimney Price List in India

Kitchen Chimney is a modern age tool that helps you to keep kitchen clean while cooking food. It helps to clear cooking-smoke out of the place. Many a times cooking can cause suffocation and breathing issues due to smoke; Chimneys are real-savers in these conditions. The aluminum filters help to support smoke-free and clean environment. With squeezing homes and kitchen spaces, chimneys are basic requirements of open modular kitchens. The basic feature of a chimney is to keep out all the cooking smoke. There are conventional or normal kitchen chimneys with a flat top and a PVC outlet that emits the smoke out. Chimneys are made of stainless steel or aluminum filters that suck out all the smoke. With new developments, there are better looking ducted designer chimneys for modular designer kitchens. With rising demand in households, many electrical companies are offering a variety of chimneys. The major ones include IFB, Sunflame, Faber, Kaff, Gilma, Kutchina, Hindware and more.

Glen Hob And Chimney Price List KAFF Hob And Chimney Price List Pigeon Hob And Chimney Price List Elica Hob And Chimney Price List Hindware Hob And Chimney Price List Bosch Hob And Chimney Price List Prestige Hob And Chimney Price List Sunflame Hob And Chimney Price List

Hob And Chimney Price in India

Latest Hoves And ChimneysPrice
Hindware Nevio 60 cm 1200 m3/h ChimneyRs. 11,399
Brightflame Aster 90 ChimneyRs. 8,999
Hindware Clarissa 60 cm 700 m3-h ChimneyRs. 5,799
Hindware Cleo 90 cm 1200 m3/h ChimneyRs. 15,499
Glen GL 6071 EX 60 ChimneyRs. 7,895
IFB GL-14T 60 ChimneyRs. 19,499
Glen 6075 SS 60 750M3 Wall Mounted ChimneyRs. 6,349
Sunflame CH Amaze 90 ChimneyRs. 16,999
Prestige DKH 600 CS 760M3 ChimneyRs. 7,998
Sunflame Rapid 60 ChimneyRs. 12,049

List of Hob And Chimney Brands

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