Fan Price List in India

Fans are a basic necessity in all homes. It is that wonder device that provides the much needed relief and comfort from the generally hot temperature in India. It is nearly impossible to live without fans in your home. You may have air conditioners at your home but you cannot keep it on for day in and day out, it would not only increase your monthly power bills significantly but also it may sometimes chill your home too much for your comfort. The fans on the other hand are much more feasible option; it consumes less power units as well as has the capacity to run for long hours. Over the years, the ceiling fans as well as the table fans have improved a lot in terms of the technology, design and energy efficiency. The new fans are designed in a way that they consume less electricity as well as heat up less even after running continuously for long hours.

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Fan Price in India

Latest FansPrice
Crompton Greaves Hill Briz 3 Blade Ceiling FanRs. 1,299
Bajaj Ultima PW01 200 mm Wall FanRs. 969
Sameer Gati 24 600 mm 4 Blade Ceiling FanRs. 999
Crompton Greaves Aura 3 Blade Ceiling FanRs. 2,199
Usha Maxx Air 400 mm 3 Blade Table FanRs. 1,475
Havells Festiva 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling FanRs. 2,299
Eveready Fab M 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling FanRs. 1,249
Havells I Cool 180 mm Cabin 3 Blade Table FanRs. 2,295
Havells Pacer 3 Blade Ceiling FanRs. 1,778
Havells ES 50 Premium Five Star 3 Blade Ceiling FanRs. 2,166

List of Fan Brands

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