Dishwasher Price List in India

Gone are the days when washing of kitchen utensils would be done manually. With the innovations in modern technology, our everyday workload is becoming lighter and lighter. Every modern kitchen now comes equipped with a dishwasher machine to aid the family in their daily cleaning ritual. A mechanical device which cleans the contents by spraying hot water between 55 and 75 °C at the dishes, and lower temperatures for more delicate vessels. A mix of detergent and water is circulated through a pump. Post the cleaning, the dirty water is drained another round of hot water is blasted to begin the rinse process. Lastly, the dishes in the washer are dried. Drying can be done through a fan that is incorporated within the machine or a heater that is placed at the bottom of the cabinet, although the heater uses more energy and power. To ease the customer with the use, many of the latest dishwashers are microprocessor-controlled and have sensor-assisted wash cycles that efficiently adjusts the duration of wash to the quantity of dirty dishes placed inside the machine.

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Dishwasher Price in India

Latest DishwashersPrice
LG D1451WF 14 Place DishwasherRs. 42,372
Bosch SMS40E32EU 12 Place DishwasherRs. 28,499
Bosch SMS66GI01I 12 Place DishwasherRs. 33,563
Whirlpool WFC3C24 PF IN 14 Place DishwasherRs. 33,499
Whirlpool Powerclean Pro WFO3O33 DLX IN 14 Place DishwasherRs. 40,990
LG D1452CF DishwasherRs. 46,199
IFB Neptune VX 12 Place DishwasherRs. 32,429
Bosch SMS60L18IN DishwasherRs. 34,499
Siemens SN26L801IN 12 Place DishwasherRs. 34,249
IFB Neptune FX 12 Place DishwasherRs. 26,490

List of Dishwasher Brands

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