Curved Tv Price in India

Curved Tv Price List

Latest Curved Tv ModelsPrice
LG 55EC930T 55 Inch Full HD 3D Smart Curved OLED TelevisionRs. 240,000
Samsung 32J6300 32 Inch Full HD Smart Curved LED TelevisionRs. 49,900
Samsung 49KU7350 49 Inch Ultra HD Curved LED TelevisionRs. 84,800
Samsung 55KU7350 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Curved LED TelevisionRs. 119,880
Samsung 49K6300 49 Inch Full HD Smart Curved LED TelevisionRs. 69,999
Samsung 49KU6570 49 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Curved LED TelevisionRs. 99,999
Samsung UA40K6300AK 40 Inch Full HD Smart Curved LED TelevisionRs. 45,990
Samsung 40J6300 40 Inch Full HD Smart LED TelevisionRs. 62,000
TCL C48P1FS 48 Inch Full HD Smart Curved LED TelevisionRs. 33,990
Samsung 65MU7500 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Curved LED TelevisionRs. 199,400

Curved TV price list 2018

The technology in making television sets is changing at a fast rate. In the initial television sets, the cathode ray tube technology was used. Today, we have smart and sleek LCD and LED TVs as well as the latest Curved TVs. The curved TVs have high-quality picture and sound technology. Also, when put on a wall, the Curved TVs can add to the interiors of the room.

What is Curved TV?

The television sets with curved screens have been recently introduced in the market, since the year 2014. The curved TV sets have screens that are curved at the edges to give you a better viewing experience. The development of curved TVs has been inspired by theatre screens. The curved TV screens are designed to offer least possible glare in any lighting condition. They have been made and marketed by brands such as LG and Samsung.

Why have a Curved TV?

The Curved TVs provide the best experience to the viewers with a wide screen. When placed in an optimal position, it provides an experience of a cinema hall to the viewers. Even though the curved screens are 2D, they seem to have 3D picture quality. The curved edges of the screen increase the depth of the visual perception of the viewer. Also, the curved edges are considered to be beneficial for eyes as the curved edges track the shape of our eyes and adjust images accordingly.

Best CurvedTVs available

Following the footsteps of Samsung and LG, Sony and VU too, have introduced Curved TVs in the market. Each of these brands is known for their quality and design. All of them have introduced curved TV models in different sizes. Also, in terms of pricing the brands are very competitive. They can give you some of the best features at reasonable prices.

Compare Curved TVs

Just like any other TV, it is important to compare the screen size and resolution before moving any further. Once that is done, then it is time to compare the features like Audio, Connectivity, Aspect Ratio, etc. to get to the right TV. It is best to understand your need and then buy a TV.

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