Usha Air Cooler Price List in India

For several decades, the consumer brand Usha has become a part of Indian households all across the country, thanks to its wide range of consumer products and home appliances like sewing machines, fans, water cooler, air coolers and water dispensers. Trusted for its quality and reliability, Usha presents consumers with a wide range of air coolers specially made to tackle scorching Indian summers. Some of the popular types of Usha air coolers include desert coolers, personal coolers, tower coolers and window coolers. The accompanying product images are highly helpful in differentiating between different models while the updated price list of Usha air coolers helps you locate a model that fits your budget. While choosing air coolers, make sure to check out the features as well as other technical specifications to find one that meets your home’s cooling requirements. Once, you have zeroed down on the right model, complete your purchase at the online retailer who offers you the best deal.

Usha Air Cooler Price in India

Latest Usha Air Cooler ModelsPrice
Usha Azzuro CW502 50 Litres Window Air CoolerRs. 6,790
Usha Honeywell CL201AE 20 Litres Personal Air CoolerRs. 13,385
Usha Atomaria 9 Litre Personal Air CoolerRs. 3,190
Usha 55 Litre Honeywell CL 601PM Air CoolerRs. 11,435
Usha Air King CD703 70 Litre Desert Air CoolerRs. 11,000
Usha 70 CL70PE desert coolerRs. 14,699
Usha VX CT 353 35 Litres Tower Air CoolerRs. 8,599
Usha 50 CD503M Desert CoolerRs. 11,332
Usha Stellar ZX CP206T 20 Litre Personal Air CoolerRs. 5,849
Usha CL30XC Air CoolerRs. 12,400