Singer Sewing Machine Price List in India

Singer Sewing Machine Price in India

Latest Singer Sewing Machine ModelsPrice
Singer Fashion Mate 3333 Sewing MachineRs. 12,800
Singer Merritt 1409 Sewing MachineRs. 6,499
Singer Brilliance 6180 Sewing MachineRs. 15,794
Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Sewing MachineRs. 13,610
Singer Start 1306 Sewing MachineRs. 6,499
Singer 8280 Automatic Sewing MachineRs. 9,700
Singer Talent 3321 Sewing MachineRs. 11,500
Singer Simple Electric Sewing MachineRs. 10,699
Singer Tradition 2250 Sewing MachineRs. 6,999
Singer Heavt Duty 4423 Sewing MachineRs. 23,096

Singer Sewing Machine Prices 2018

On this page, you can go through all the popular models of Singer Sewing Machines. Apart from comparing the prices and features from dominant e-commerce sites, such as Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, etc. you can also grab some of the latest deals, discounts, and offers.

Find Out the Best Sewing Machine

Among all the necessary and common home appliances, a sewing machine has been on the top since ages. Even so, at the time of purchasing the one, you may feel a bit muddled up just because there are innumerable models available out there. And, if your intentions are to buy nothing but the best model, then you would have to be observant towards the features that the machine has. So, it becomes necessary to make a comparison while buying.

How Can You Compare Sewing Machines?

While you may have a conception that all the sewing machines are there to serve the purpose of stitching, which is not entirely wrong, but there are a lot many things beyond stitching. To be assured of the fact that you are going to get only benefits from the machine, you would have to make a comparison regarding the properties it has. Some of the features you should compare are thread tension control, number of stitches, built-in needle threader, power consumption, power requirement, materials that the machine can stitch, sewing speed, maximum stitch width, etc.

Sewing Machine Price Comparison

Price is a factor that you cannot afford to neglect at any cost. Thanks to an abundance of e-commerce websites out there, it has become quite easier for you to grab a fantastic deal that will not only allow you to purchase a perfect sewing machine but to save along as well. However, while searching sewing machine models and comparing prices, you have to take care of the credibility of the website and the options of payment offered by it.

Why Singer Sewing Machine?

Founded in 1851, this American company is well-established in the field of manufacturing sewing machines. Being one of the largest manufacturers, Singer is accustomed to catering the needs of its customers since several years. This company manufactures sewing machines that fit within every type of budget. So, whether you want an electronic sewing machine or a simple one, you can trust Singer with the resilience and reliability.

Compare Singer Sewing Machines on CompareRaja

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