Rodak Vacuum Cleaner Price List in India

Rodak Vacuum Cleaner Price in India

Latest Rodak Vacuum Cleaner ModelsPrice
Rodak CleanStation 4 20 Litres Vacuum CleanerRs. 17,600
Rodak MobileStation 1 30 Litres Vacuum CleanerRs. 13,100
Rodak MobileStation 1 20 Litres Vacuum CleanerRs. 11,400
Rodak CarSpecial 4 30 Litres Vacuum CleanerRs. 17,200
Rodak CleanStation 5 40 Litres Vacuum CleanerRs. 44,800
Rodak CarSpecial 5 40 Litres Vacuum CleanerRs. 37,100
Rodak MobileStation 2 20 Litres Vacuum CleanerRs. 15,000
Rodak CarSpecial 4 20 Litres Vacuum CleanerRs. 16,500
Rodak BackPack Wet & Dry CleanerRs. 27,400
Rodak CleanStation 3 30 Litres Vacuum CleanerRs. 18,800

Rodak Vacuum Cleaner Price List 2018

When it comes to your cleanliness, you cannot spare much expense in terms of appliances to keep your house clean. Built to be long lasting and sturdy, Rodak vacuum cleaners are a must in every household to keep the dust at bay and have the house looking clean.

On this page, you will find the best Rodak vacuum cleaners, their features and their prices for easy comparison and purchase. And no, you do not have to go to different e-commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, and others. You can find the latest prices listed on these sites; all on this page.

How to buy best vacuum cleaners online?

Buying a vacuum cleaner majorly depends on the features that you like and the size that you prefer. It also depends on how much you will use it. For those with larger homes and more area to clean, a more sophisticated vacuum cleaner is a must to beat the dust. Keeping this in mind will help you understand what kind of product you are looking for.

Why Rodak Vacuum cleaner?

Rodak has excellent, state of the art vacuum cleaners that come with special functions. To get the best cleaning appliance for your home, you need to see the broad range of vacuum cleaners it offers and go for the one that suits your need the best. A good price doesn’t hurt either, and a good guarantee definitely seals the deal.

Factors to consider when buying Rodak Vacuum cleaner

Few things you should consider are the different types of vacuum cleaners it offers and whether you need them or not. Along with the types, also look out for the cord length, the power requirement, the dust collecting capacity and if it has a blower attached to it. The kind of vacuum cleaner that you like will also make it easy for you to narrow down your choices.

Product Price Comparison

Before you decide to buy Rodak vacuum cleaner from a particular place, look out for the kind of deals and discounts you can get from other sites. When you compare the prices of the vacuum cleaners, you can see that there are significant differences and you can easily go for the one with the lowest price range, so product price comparison is a must.

CompareRaja for buying vacuum cleaners

On CompareRaja, you can have the different Rodak vacuum cleaner selling websites such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, and more side by side and compare the prices. With an easy comparison feature, CompareRaja helps you choose the right vacuum cleaner from the best dealer!