Racold Water Heater Price List in India

Racold Water Heater Price in India

Latest Racold Water Heater ModelsPrice
Racold Pronto Neo 6 Litres Instant Water HeaterRs. 5,299
Racold Classico 25 Litre Storage Water GeyserRs. 6,750
Racold Eterno Intello 25 Litre Storage Water GeyserRs. 13,687
Racold Pronto 3 Litres Instant Water HeaterRs. 2,779
Racold Andris Slim 30 Litre Storage Water GeyserRs. 12,190
Racold Pronto Neo 3 Litres Instant Water HeaterRs. 2,760
Racold LPG 5 Litres Gas Water HeaterRs. 4,250
Racold Eterno 2 15 Litres Storage Water HeaterRs. 7,699
Racold Andris Lux Plus 10 Litre Storage Water HeaterRs. 6,490
Racold Andris 15 Litre Storage Water HeaterRs. 6,899
Racold Water Heater Prices 2018

Racold from Ariston Thermo is one of the most popular water heater brands in India. The brand is synonymous with modern technologies, complete customer satisfaction, and high-quality water heating products. The brand offers an extensive range of energy efficient water heaters in several different sizes, capacities, colours, energy sources, and features to effectively meet the needs of modern consumers.

This page would help you pick the right Racold Water Heater. It features a number of useful filters like price range, user ratings, capacity, and size, to make sure that buyers can easily find the best water heater for their home. It also allows you to side-by-side compare up to four water heaters, and find top deals for the selected product from a number of popular online stores.

5 Reasons to Buy Racold Water Heater

•    The brand is seven times winner of ‘National Energy Conservation Award’ by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency
•    It offers a large number of 5-Star Energy Rated water heaters
•    Innovative features like Eco-Sense, Smart Bath Logic, etc.
•    Manufacturing plant used World Class Manufacturing (WCM) method to improve productivity and product quality constantly
•    Excellent service network throughout the country

Types of Water Heaters by Racold

Racold is one of the leading names in the water heater industry and offers a wide range of heating solutions. Some of the top products from the brand include-

• Electric Storage Water Heater- The electricity-powered storage heaters from the brand feature a storage tank for quick delivery of hot water. Their sleek and compact design makes them an ideal choice for modern homes with beautiful interiors.
• Electric Instant Water Heater- The Instant Water Heaters are an upgrade to traditional water heaters with wait times to heat the water. These water heaters can instantly heat water without any wait times for enhanced convenience.
• Gas Water Heater- Gas-powered water heaters are known for their energy efficiency and are powered by either PNG or LPG. It features double solenoid valve for enhanced safety and is available in many different capacities.
• Solar Water Heater- A solar water heater uses a solar thermal collector to convert sunlight into heat which can be used for heating water. Buyers looking for an energy-efficient heating solution are sure to appreciate the efficiency of solar heaters.
• Heat Pump Water Heater: As compared to a normal water heater, heat pump water heaters conserve energy bills by up to 70%. As it draws heat from the air, it is effective even in the extreme weather conditions.

Buying the Right Racold Water Heater

It is common for buyers to get confused with all the different heaters offered by Racold. To pick the right product, consider the factors mentioned below-
• Capacity- Start by considering the capacity of the water heater. Racold offers water heaters across a wide range of capacity. Consider how much heating you need every day and the number of family members to make the right decision.
• Energy Source- Racold offers electric, gas and solar water heaters. All the different types of water heaters offer different benefits. Understand your requirements and benefits of each type of heater to select the right energy source.
• Energy Efficiency- You also need to make sure that the water heater you select is energy efficient. Select a heater with at least 3-Star Rating or more to experience maximum energy savings. Moreover, you can select Heat pump water heaters or Solar water heaters fro Racold if you are looking for considerable savings on your energy bills.
• Size- No matter if you want to install the water heater in your bathroom or kitchen, you should check the size of the product you are interested in to make the right buying decision. If space is a constraint, go for instant water heaters from Racold.

Comparing Racold Water Heaters with CompareRaja

With CompareRaja, buyers can not only compare Racold water heaters but can also ensure that they buy the selected product at the best online price. The portal offers best deals from a number of top e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. to make sure that buyers are not required to visit these platforms individually in search of the best deal.

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