Philips Chopper And Blender Price List in India

Philips Chopper And Blender Price in India

Latest Philips Chopper And Blender ModelsPrice
Philips HR2505 00 500 W Hand BlenderRs. 3,099
Philips HR1396 00 500 W Hand BlenderRs. 2,160
Philips HR1351 C 250 Watt BlenderRs. 1,399
Philips HR1350 C 250 W Hand BlenderRs. 979
Philips HR1602/00 550 Watt Hand BlenderRs. 2,441
Philips HR1600 550 W Hand BlenderRs. 1,885
Philips HR1361 600 W Hand BlenderRs. 2,095
Philips HR 1459 00 300 W Hand BlenderRs. 1,799
Philips HL1655/00 250 W Hand BlenderRs. 1,499
Philips HR1363 600 Watt Hand BlenderRs. 2,490

Philips Choppers and Blenders Prices 2018

Some of the best choppers and blenders from Philips are available on The products listed here are from multiple popular online stores, like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, eBay, etc. to ensure that the buyers are not required to visit multiple stores in search of the best online deal.

Finding the best chopper and blender online

Unlike physical stores, you don’t have a salesperson to help you make a buying decision when shopping online. As a result, a lot of buyers end up making the wrong buying decision. But the online comparison is a tool that can eliminate the confusion from the buying process and help customers select a chopper and blender which is perfect for their kitchen needs.

Why Philips choppers and blenders?

Philips manufactures a wide-range of home appliances and is a household name across the world. The company was established in the year 1891 and is still one of the best brands when it comes to home appliances. The choppers and blenders offered by the company are affordable, durable and come loaded with a number of innovative features to make the cooking process quicker and simpler.

Factors to be considered when buying a chopper and blender

The power of a chopper and blender is one of the most important considerations. The model should be powerful enough to meet your requirements of food preparation. Durable build of the body and blades, easy assembly, locking system, variable speed control feature and comfortable grip are some other important factors. Moreover, kitchen appliances are not just about their performance anymore; they need to look good too. So, make sure that the model you select has stylish looks which complement the look of your kitchen.

Chopper and Blender price comparison

Apart from the features, it is also critical to compare the price of multiple models across multiple online stores to get the best deal. It is very common to find a particular model at different prices at different online stores, and it is the online price comparisons that can help consumers make a smart buying decision.

Why CompareRaja for Philips choppers and blenders?

Buyers can find the prices and features of top Philips choppers and blenders on CompareRaja. Apart from the prices, even the features of multiple models can be compared here to help make the best buying decision. And as the prices are regularly updated, buyers will only find the best Philips choppers and blenders deals on CompareRaja.