Panasonic Water Purifier Price List in India

The Japanese brand, Panasonic has a long history of manufacturing revolutionary products that are of high-quality and extremely durable. The same applies to Panasonic Water Purifiers. Simple to use, premium design and affordable, these range of purifiers from Panasonic ensure that the water you drink is 99.99% pure. Panasonic water purifiers are available in two modes – electric and non-electric. The non-electric models use UV or RO+UV. The non-electric model uses a Purity shield that works on gravity. Choose UV if your tap water comes from the corporation and RO if it’s from a bore well. The latest Price list of Panasonic water purifiers features 5+ products and their price and availability at several leading retailers. The key specifications will help you in choosing the right model that suits your specific requirements. Take a closer look at the models you like with the help of the accompanying images21st September 2018

Panasonic Water Purifier Price in India

Latest Panasonic Water Purifier ModelsPrice
Panasonic TK-CS50-DA UV Water PurifierRs. 4,990
Panasonic TK AS80 DA 6 L RO UV Water PurifierRs. 19,999
Panasonic TK CS80 DA 6 L RO UV Water PurifierRs. 11,580
Panasonic TK DCP31 D 22 L Gravity Based Water PurifierRs. 1,499
Panasonic TK DCP32 D 22 L Gravity Based Water PurifierRs. 1,495

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