Orient Air Cooler Price List in India

Orient Electric is no newcomer in the Indian market for home appliances. For more than six decades, the company has been the one-stop brand for all lifestyle electrical goods like fans, switches, lighting solutions and other home appliances. From the house of Orient, comes a wide range of innovative air coolers to provide consumers with the best cooling. Some of the popular Orient air cooler models include desert coolers, tower coolers, personal coolers, metal coolers and window coolers. The accompanying product images help you distinguish between the different models, while the list of specifications and features help you find the right model that meets your specific cooling needs. Additionally, the Orient air cooler price list featured here lists the current prices of all models available in the market at 10+ leading online retailers. You can now quickly complete your purchase at your preferred online shopping site, which offers you the best deal with just a few clicks.

Orient Air Cooler Price in India

Latest Orient Air Cooler ModelsPrice
Orient Actus CP2002H 20 Litre Air CoolerRs. 4,310
Orient Magicool DX CW5002B 50 Litre Window Air CoolerRs. 5,090
Orient Ocean Air CD7001H Air CoolerRs. 10,490
Orient CP3001H 30 Litre Air CoolerRs. 5,974
Orient Mini Magic 8 Litres Personal Air CoolerRs. 4,150
Orient Snowbreeze Super CD5002B Air CoolerRs. 7,499
Orient Electric Arista CT5402H Tower Air CoolerRs. 11,705
Orient CD5501H 55 Litres Air CoolerRs. 8,180
Orient CP2003H 20 Litre Personal Air CoolerRs. 5,970

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