Maharaja Whiteline Fan Price List in India

Maharaja Whiteline Fan Price in India

Latest Maharaja Whiteline Fan ModelsPrice
Maharaja Whiteline Opal 3 Blade Pedestal FanRs. 1,905
Maharaja Whiteline Wave 3 Blade Ceiling FanRs. 1,100
Maharaja Whiteline Wave Deco 3 Blade Ceiling FanRs. 1,400
Maharaja Whiteline Fans

Maharaja Whiteline is a brand that represents innovation, uniqueness, and performance. From high-powered fans to highly functional home appliances, this particular brand can revolutionize lives to a great extent. Affordability and adherence to quality standards happen to be the core strengths of Maharaja Products. Since its inception in 1976, the company has been working towards ensuring 100% client satisfaction for almost four decades now. 

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This page is the best resource for anyone who plans to invest in Maharaja Whiteline Fans. Take a look at the available options and find out the models that suit your needs. Base your search on crucial parameters including specifications, power capacities, and performance to choose the most functional model. 

5 Reasons to Buy Maharaja Whiteline Fans

In an age where air-conditioning systems seem to be a necessity, here’s how Maharaja Whiteline Fans carve a distinctive niche for themselves:
  • Elegant designs capable of offering the best cooling experience
  • Durable and can go on for years
  • Power-efficient and doesn’t increase your utility bills
  • 2-years warranty 
  • Three powerful blades for advanced operations
These reasons are enough to buy Maharaja Whiteline Fans for your homes and offices. 

Checking out the Various Options 

When you plan to buy a fan, the first thing is to specify your choice of the product. Some of the most popular and common options include:

1. Ceiling Fans

The most common type of fans found in all the locations. Ceiling fans ensure uniform cooling and can offer a soothing experience to numerous people sitting in a room. 

2. Pedestal Fans

Pedestal Fans are the best options for places where you can’t install a ceiling fan. With stylish designs and optimum durability, these fans are perfect for every location. 

3. Wall Fans 

You can’t install a fan in a room with low ceilings. It’s right here that wall fans emerge as perfect options. These fans have powerful ‘sweep’ and exceptional design for improved performance. 

4. Table Fans 

If you want to enjoy hours of uninterrupted sleep during the summers, investing in a super-silent table fan will be the best thing to do. With low power consumption, these fans don’t interrupt your peace. 

Tips to buy Maharaja Whiteline Fans

IPower Consumption-Check the power consumption of your chosen model to get a fair idea of your electricity bill. 

II. Blades -The structure and shape of the blades determine the fan’s performance to a great extent. Check the blades before finalizing your purchase. 

III. Air-Quality -It is also imperative to identify the air quality before making the final choice. 

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