Kenstar Water Heater Price List in India

Kenstar Water Heater Price in India

Latest Kenstar Water Heater ModelsPrice
Kenstar Aquafresh KGS10G8M GDE 10 Litre Storage Water HeaterRs. 5,299
Kenstar JACUZZI KGS15W5P 15 Litres Storage Water HeaterRs. 4,695
Kenstar HOT SPRING KGS15W5M 15 Litres Storage Water HeaterRs. 4,769
Kenstar KGT01W2P 1 Litres Instant Water HeaterRs. 1,730
Kenstar Fresh 15 Litre Storage Water GeyserRs. 5,499
Kenstar Star 25 Litre Storage Water GeyserRs. 5,988
Kenstar Star 15 Litre Storage Water GeyserRs. 5,388
Kenstar Atom KGT03W2PAT-DAE 3 Litre Instant Water GeyserRs. 2,300
Kenstar KGS06W5P 6 Litres Storage Water HeaterRs. 5,599
Kenstar Jacuzzi KGS25W5P 25 Litres Storage Water HeaterRs. 6,000
Kenstar Water Heaters Prices

On this page, you can go through all the well known models of Kenstar Water Heater. Apart from comparing prices available on all the notable e-commerce stores, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay, PayTm, etc. you can also make a comparison of the characteristics and make a satisfactory decision.

Find the Best Water Heater Online

There is no denying the fact that a water heater is nothing less than a necessity for every household today. However, when it comes to picking the optimum model, then you might find it a bit exhausting. Moreover, since the technology has undergone a lot of advancements, water heaters have encountered many modifications as well. So, if you want to gain maximum benefits, then you would have to evaluate different features. And then, there is an abundance of brands and models available, making your selection process more difficult. This is probably the reason why the comparison is important before making the final purchase.

How to Compare Water Heaters?

You may find a lot of similarities in different water heaters, but the fact is every model differs from each other in some or the other way. While you are up to make a comparison, the first and foremost aspect that you would have to compare is the type of the water heater. After that, pay attention to the storage capacity. You can also compare the power consumption and some other features as well.

Water Heater Price Comparison

Once you have zeroed down all the features, then comes the time to compare the price. With the availability of many websites, comparing prices has become quite easier. Not just that, but you can also grab some of the offers and deals just to enhance your purchase. Despite getting some amazing deals, don’t forget to check out the credibility of the e-store from where you are going to select the water heater.

Why Kenstar Water Heaters?

Formed in 1996, Kenstar is a subsidiary of Videocon group. It is one of the leading brands that deal in home appliances. By serving customers for several years, this brand knows how to meet the demands of its buyers. Whether you have a low budget or high, you are sure to get a reliable water heater from Kenstar. Moreover, it also offers different models to make your purchase more efficient.

Compare Kenstar Water Heaters on CompareRaja

By offering you the prices of different models of Kenstar Water Heaters, CompareRaja aims at making your purchasing experience easier. You don’t have to visit different e-commerce sites but only CompareRaja. The deals available on this site are regularly updated so you can be sure of the latest pricing.

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