Inalsa Iron Price List in India

Launched in 1967, Inalsa is one of the most popular consumer electronics brand in Europe. Headquartered in Spain, Inalsa has won the trust of millions of customers all over the world, thanks to its innovative range of products and lifetime warranty on all its products. Incredible versatility and powerful performance are the hallmarks of an Inalsa electric iron. You can choose from a range of steam irons or dry irons depending on your requirements. The sole plate of Inalsa irons is titanium, ceramic or non-stick, meaning you don’t run the risk of burning, smudging or creasing your clothes. Lightweight, swivel cord and ergonomic handles make Inalsa irons easy to handle. Check out the latest Inalsa iron price list to compare prices of all models. Make sure to check the technical specifications like power consumption, weight, and soleplate type to pick the right model that meets your requirements. Use the product images to check out how your chosen model looks like in real life.

Inalsa Iron Price in India

Latest Inalsa Iron ModelsPrice
Inalsa Oscar Steam IronRs. 610
Inalsa Jasper Dry IronRs. 494
Inalsa Pearl Dry IronRs. 499
Inalsa Optra Steam IronRs. 727
Inalsa Gemini Dry IronRs. 447
Inalsa Titanium 2000 Watt Steam IronRs. 2,469
Inalsa Omega Steam IronRs. 1,260
Inalsa Sapphire Dry IronRs. 360
Inalsa Orbit Steam IronRs. 699
Inalsa Hercules Steam IronRs. 869
Inalsa Iron Prices 2018

Founded in the year 1967, Inalsa is a pioneer in the small appliances segment in India. The company offers a wide range of products including steam irons with durable build and innovative features to turn every home into a smart home. With a strong network of distributors, retailers, and service centres in the country, one can never go wrong with an Inalsa product.

However, as Inalsa offers an extensive range of irons, a lot of buyers are unable to select the right iron for their home easily. On this page, buyers can select an Inalsa iron as per their requirements and budget. There are many filters like Price Range, User Ratings, and Iron Type to make the selection quick and easy. Moreover, buyers can also side-by-side compare up to 4 irons at once to understand the differences in detail.

5 Reasons to Buy Inalsa Iron

• Inalsa is part of Taurus Group which has its presence in more than 100 countries
• Budget-friendly durable products
• More than 10,000 retailers and several service centers throughout the country
• One of the most popular iron brands on e-commerce portals
• Titanium, ceramic and non-stick coated models

Types of Irons by Inalsa

• Steam Iron- As compared to dry irons, steam irons are more efficient when it comes to eliminating the wrinkles from clothes. These irons feature steam holes on the soleplate through which the steam is generated for ironing clothes. The steam irons from Inalsa come with a host of features like temperature control, steam control, spray ironing, self-cleaning, and much more. Moreover, many of the models also come with an added feature of using steam irons as dry irons.
• Dry Iron- A dry iron features a thermostat and a flat soleplate without any steam holes. This means that users need to rely on the clothes to produce steam or spray some water for the same. They are generally heavier than steam irons but are highly recommended for fabrics like silk. These irons generally feature a non-stick coating at the bottom to protect the fabrics.

Buying the Right Inalsa Iron

Buyers who are confused with all the different types of irons offered by Inalsa should consider the points mentioned below to make the right decision-

• Steam or Dry Iron- Understand your requirements to select between the two. Steam irons are known to be more efficient but are generally more expensive than dry irons. However, dry irons are highly recommended for some particular type of fabrics. Also, while a steam iron can be used as a dry iron, but a dry iron cannot be used as a steam iron.
• Features- Irons come with many different features that you should understand before buying. Features like pivoting cord, automatic shutoff, adjustable temperature, non-stick soleplate, and spray are some handy features.
• Wattage- Higher wattage means better ironing. Irons with higher wattage generate stronger heat which means more effective ironing. However, you should avoid high steam on weak or sensitive fabrics. Also, consider the weight of the iron. It should not be very heavy and the weight should be well-balanced.
• Type of soleplate- Inalsa offers titanium coated, ceramic coated and non-stick coated soleplates. Each type of material has its own benefits like ceramic is highly durable and has excellent heat conducting capacity. Titanium is corrosion resistant and has a faster heat transfer rate. Non-stick soleplates are known for even distribution of heat and minimum maintenance.

Comparing Inalsa Irons with CompareRaja

CompareRaja offers many different filters as well as side-by-side comparison feature to help buyers easily pick the right Inalsa iron. But once an iron is selected, where will one ultimately buy the iron from? As visiting all the different e-commerce stores can be time and effort-consuming, CompareRaja has a solution for that as well. Once a product is selected, it offers best deals from a number of popular online stores to help buyers save time and quickly find the top deal on the selected product.