Hotstar Water Heater Price List in India

Hotstar Water Heater Price in India

Latest Hotstar Water Heater ModelsPrice
Hotstar Bliss Digital 15 Litre Storage Water GeyserRs. 5,700
Hotstar Steelium 10 Litres Storage Water HeaterRs. 5,630
Hotstar Eddy 25 Litres Storage Water HeaterRs. 6,200
Hotstar Axiom-M-HZ25 25 Litre Storage Water GeyserRs. 9,200
Hotstar Axiom-M- IR15 15 Litre Storage Water HeaterRs. 7,620
Hotstar Steelium 15 Litres Storage Water HeaterRs. 5,000
Hotstar Steelium 25 Litres Storage Water HeaterRs. 5,500
Hotstar Steelium 6 Litres Storage Water HeaterRs. 3,429
Hotstar Eddy 3 Litres Instant Water HeaterRs. 2,500
Hotstar Eddy 1 Litre Instant Water HeaterRs. 2,199

Hotstar Water Heater Prices

Getting a water heater installed in your house will serve nothing but benefits. First of all, it will help you in conserving water and saving the power consumption. Secondly, you will have hot water whenever needed. Whether you want to kick- start your day with a hot shower or it is about cleaning the house in chilling winters, a water heater comes to be a necessity in such situations.

So, when it comes to buying the best water heater available in the market, you can easily conduct your search online; hence, saving yourself a plenty of time. If concerned about the brand, then Hotstar is undoubtedly one of the leading companies that provide qualitative machines. On this page, evaluate different models of water heaters provided by Hotstar and make a wise decision.

Buying a water heater online is not as strenuous as it may appear. However, if your ultimate aim is only to invest in the best product, then you would have to pay heed to the specifications and other aspects while selecting a model. To meet your desires, you can compare the different models and gauge the advantages and disadvantages offered by them.

Comparing Specifications

Investing in such a product that totally matches your requirement is indeed a wise decision. Whether you want a water storing heater or an instant one, you would have to search the models accordingly. Also, there are some other features as well where you can pay attention, such as storage capacity, power consumption, etc.

Comparing Costs

One of the salient aspects that should be well-considered throughout your research is the prices. Ignoring the price comparison can bring out some repercussions on your pocket. You may end up paying a high price for a model that you could have purchased at a low price otherwise. So, not just the specifications, but considering your budget is necessary, too.

Why Hotstar Water Heaters?

Hotstar is one such company that has been highly acknowledged by a majority of homeowners over the period. The products coming out from the basket of Hotstar are qualitative, reliable, and durable.

Compare Hotstar Water Heaters on CompareRaja

CompareRaja makes your comparison process easier and efficient. You don’t have to put in efforts while comparing the different models. Just search the product on CompareRaja, compare its specifications and cost, and you are all set to make your purchase.

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