Havells Iron Price List

Havells Iron Price List In India

Latest Havells Iron ModelsPrice
Havells Oro Dry IronRs. 769
Havells Era Dry IronRs. 510
Havells Jio Heritage Dry IronRs. 717
Havells Sparkle Steam IronRs. 1,400
Havells Admire Steam IronRs. 1,700
Havells Adore Heritage Dry IronRs. 920
Havells Evo Dry IronRs. 698
Havells Evolin Dry IronRs. 575
Havells Essentia Steam IronRs. 1,892
Havells Accor 2000W Steam IronRs. 2,530
Havells Iron Prices 2018

Wearing ironed clothes is one sure way to look suave and presentable. And, just to wear ironed clothes every other day, you must have an iron at home. Here we have simplified your decision regarding which iron to buy by comparing various Havells irons available online. You can simply search the Havells irons online and purchase as per your needs and desires.

How to buy Havells Iron online?

You cannot pick up the first iron that you come across and pay the bill without even comparing its specifications with the other irons. If the quality is your utmost priority, then you must be ready to invest a bit of time, just to compare the irons with each other. And with so many websites ready to offer you the best price on your purchase, it becomes all the more important to compare the prices at different websites. Therefore, before finalising the one model, you must compare.

Comparing Irons

While purchasing the iron for domestic use, check out user reviews for a particular product and then buy it. Apart from this, you need to ascertain your usage and pick a steam or dry iron accordingly. You also need to decide on the wattage offered by the iron you choose. Pick a higher wattage for better performance. Lastly, make sure you select the right type of soleplate for the kind of fabric you most often iron.

Compare Prices

Purchasing the iron in a rush at a high price and then finding out the same model at a low rate gives you nothing less than a jolt. Hence, it is always advisable to compare the prices beforehand and then make the payment. Also, do check out the return policy and warranty offered on the product before picking it up.

Why Havells Iron?

Havells India Ltd was founded in 1958, and since then, it is offering the qualitative and sturdy appliances, making its way to the list of the leading brands in India. You will not have a tough time trusting this company if you haven’t used its appliances yet because it has nothing but the best products to offer.

Compare Havells Irons on CompareRaja

While you must be taking out some of the time out of your busy schedule to compare the prices of the iron, CompareRaja gives you an opportunity to compare with one click. It has the listing of all the e-commerce’s price tags so that you can compare and purchase easily.