Havells Fan Price List in India

Havells Fan Price in India

Latest Havells Fan ModelsPrice
Havells Festiva 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling FanRs. 2,220
Havells I Cool 180 mm Cabin 3 Blade Table FanRs. 2,152
Havells Pacer 3 Blade Ceiling FanRs. 1,750
Havells ES 50 Premium Five Star 3 Blade Ceiling FanRs. 1,875
Havells Fusion 2 1200mm Ceiling FanRs. 2,600
Havells Sprint Led Pedestal FanRs. 2,890
Havells Birdie 3 Blade Table FanRs. 1,400
Havells Speedster 600mm Ceiling FanRs. 2,121
Havells Velocity Neo 1200 mm Table FanRs. 1,988
Havells Cruiser 3 Blade Ceiling FanRs. 2,180
Havells Fans:

Havells India Ltd. is a wellknown electrical equipment and appliances company in India. It was founded in the year 1983, and since then it has grown from strength to strength in manufacturing home appliances and kitchen appliances, lighting and other products used for industrial applications. The company has 23 branches and is operating in 50 countries. It currently has 11 manufacturing plants operating in India.

The page can prove to be of great use when it comes to shopping for a Havells fan. The filter feature will help you refine your search on the basis of price, fan type and many other specifications. If that is not enough, then you can even compare the prices of the product at the same time with the other products in the market or even on e-commerce websites.

5 Reason to Buy Havells Fans:
  1. Havells fans are energy efficient with high performance.
  2. New innovative and attractive designs.
  3. They come with a long warranty and are quite durable.
  4. Easy to install.
  5. The product will provide comfort to the customers with the air blowing capacity.
Options Available in Havells Fans:
  • Premium Underlight- This category by Havells includes fans with an underlight. The fans will not only blow air but will also fulfill the requirement of light in your rooms. Underlight fans will add beauty to your rooms as well.
  • Decorative- The decorative range of fans by Havells is manufactured keeping in mind the new trend of interior designing. The decorative range will not only serve the purpose of fans but will also provide a premium look to your homes.
  • Options in Blades- Havells has also designed fans with more than three blades. Customers can now choose the right fan with the number of blades available from three to eight.
  • Energy Saving Efficiency- The energy saving range of fans helps the customers to get a great cut on the electricity bill. The fans come with star ratings and can offer a large amount of power saving.
  • Regular-However, if one is looking for the simplest kind of fan, then Havells has a separate category for it too. They come with basic design and colors.
  • Pedestal Fans-Havells also manufactures pedestal fans which come in many styles and colors.
Buying Guide for Havells Fans:

I. Speed Control:-
The speed control of fans can range from two to five. You should make it a point to check the speed control of the fan as buying a single speed fan is pointless.

II. Tilted Blades:-
Fans with flat blades do not provide any air movement so it is important the blades should be tilted at some angle.

III. Type:-
It is important to keep in mind the place where you wish to install the fan as it helps to choose the right fan.

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