Crompton Greaves Air Cooler Price List in India

Crompton Greaves provides customers with a wide array of air coolers to suit every cooling need. The best way to protect you and your loved ones from harsh and blistering summers is to bring home a Crompton Greaves air cooler today. Cheaper than air-conditioners but providing better cooling than regular fans, an air cooler is the ideal way to stay cool this summer. Whether you’re looking for an air cooler for your home or office, Crompton Greaves has the right product for you. Use the product images on this page to find out the differences between the three popular series (personal, tower and desert coolers) from Crompton Greaves. While comparing models, apart from analysing the technical specifications and features, make sure to consult the latest price list of Crompton Greaves air coolers listed here to compare prices at 10+ leading online retailers. Once you have figured the right model for you using the handy filters, you can complete your purchase at the retailer who offers you the best deal.

Crompton Greaves Air Cooler Price in India

Latest Crompton Greaves Air Cooler ModelsPrice
Crompton Greaves ACGC PAC07 7 Litres Personal Air CoolerRs. 2,999
Crompton Greaves PAC201 20 Litre Air CoolerRs. 4,849
Crompton Greaves CG TAC341 34 Litre Tower CoolerRs. 6,459
Crompton cozie T34 cozie 34 Litre Tower Air CoolerRs. 8,799
Crompton Ozone 75 Desert Air CoolerRs. 8,949
Crompton Ozone 55 Desert Air CoolerRs. 8,549
Crompton Mystique Dlx TAC341 34 Litre Tower CoolerRs. 5,471
Crompton Marvel Personal Air CoolerRs. 5,699
Crompton Mystique 20 Litre Tower Air CoolerRs. 5,999
Crompton Greaves TAC201 20 Litre Air CoolerRs. 5,000

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