Cello Air Cooler Price List in India

Summers are coming so buying an air cooler is must to keep yourself and your family for uncertain heat strokes and health issues. Selecting an ideal cooler for your home and office is not an easy task, thus scrolling on various websites on the webs and having a look at their offerings could be the best possible solution to get a nice cooler at discounted price.
Started in 1982, Cello is known for manufacturing the highest quality plastic household goods. The company is a reliable name in manufacturing best-in-class engineering quality products and innovative home cooling solutions at affordable prices. The company belongs to Wim Plast Limited and offers products to various industries and segments, including writing, home furniture, cooling solutions, thermoware, and many others. Choose from a range of desert coolers, personal coolers, window coolers, portable room coolers, commercial coolers, and others, depending upon the need, space and budget.

Cello Air Cooler Price in India

Latest Cello Air Cooler ModelsPrice
Cello Dura Cool 30 30 Litres Personal Air CoolersRs. 6,999
Cello Artic 50 Litre Air CoolerRs. 8,990
Cello Smart Plus 30 30 Litres Mini Desert Air CoolersRs. 9,790
Cello Marvel 60 60 Litres Desert Air CoolerRs. 9,045
Cello Trendy 22 Litre Air CoolerRs. 4,630
Cello Trendy 30 Litre Air CoolerRs. 8,850
Cello Trendy Plus 22 Litre Air CoolerRs. 8,199
Cello Tower Plus 25 Litre Air CoolerRs. 7,200
Cello TOWER 50 PLUS 50 Litres Room Air CoolerRs. 9,299
Cello Smart 30 PLUS 30 Litres Desert Air CoolerRs. 10,280

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