Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Price List

Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Price List In India

Latest Bosch Vacuum Cleaner ModelsPrice
Bosch AQT 33 11 Car Vacuum CleanersRs. 7,900
Bosch AQT 33 10 Home And Car WasherRs. 10,999
Bosch AQT 35 12 Home and Car Vacuum CleanerRs. 9,140
Bosch GAS 11 21 Vacuum CleanerRs. 13,900
Bosch AQT 35 12 Plus Home and Car WasherRs. 11,299
Bosch AQT 40 13 High Pressure Vacuum CleanersRs. 14,490
Bosch AQT 37 13 Plus Home And Car WasherRs. 12,449
Bosch F016800357 Deluxe Patio Cleaning High Pressure Vacuum CleanerRs. 1,729
Bosch Gas 18 V Li Cordless Vacuum CleanerRs. 13,552
Bosch Gas 15 Ps Wet & Dry Vacuum CleanerRs. 12,730

Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Price List 2018

Getting the right kind of cleaning products these days can be hard just because of the sheer number of choices that is available in the market. When you are looking to keep your home clean, it is important to remember that dust can settle in all kinds of places and cannot be washed away easily which is why vacuum cleaners are very useful and popular across the world.

On this page, you will find the different kinds of Bosh vacuum cleaners available along with their features and their prices. And the best part is you do not have to visit the various leading e-commerce sites to know the best place to buy your chosen product. Here, you can find the latest price on the leading e-commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc.

How to buy best vacuum cleaners online?

In case you are looking to find the best vacuum cleaner in the business, you will need to watch out for a few things. Buying a vacuum cleaner consists of knowing what exactly you need, the budget that you have for the same and how often you are planning on using the appliance. Vacuum cleaners are available in different brands, colours, and designs and more online so having a rough idea will certainly help you with your search.

Why Bosch Vacuum Cleaner?

Bosch has been one of the most famous household names ever since its inception in 1886. With true German engineering being its forte, the appliances available in this brand are clean, minimal, durable and look incredibly sleek. Bosch vacuum cleaners have always been a popular pick because of its range so it would be impossible for you to go wrong with this brand.

Factors to consider when buying Bosch Vacuum Cleaner

You should first see if you want one that is wheeled or a handheld device as this will determine its size and usage as well. Along with the different types available such as Wet & Dry, Car & Window, Cordless, High Pressure and more, keep an eye out for the suction or motor use. Also don't forget the power it consumes, the length of the cord, the weight of the machine and the airflow to determine which vacuum cleaner will work best for you.

Product Price Comparison

Look out for great deals and discounts on the products you like by comparing the price on different trusted online sites like Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart and more. You can easily get what you need and pay a lower price for it as well!

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