Blue Star Water Purifier Price List in India

Blue Star Water Purifier Price in India

Latest Blue Star Water Purifier ModelsPrice
Blue Star Majesto RO UV 8 L Water PurifierRs. 10,999
Blue Star Majesto RO 8 L Water PurifierRs. 11,099
Blue Star Stella RO UV 8.2 L Water PurifierRs. 29,999
Blue Star Aristo 7 L RO UV Water PurifierRs. 7,799
Blue Star Pristina UV Water PurifierRs. 5,998
Blue Star Aristo 7 L RO UF Water PurifierRs. 7,799
Blue Star Edge 6 L RO UV Water PurifierRs. 11,999
Blue Star Prisma RO UV 4.2 L Water PurifierRs. 12,999
Blue Star Edge Iris 6 L RO UV Water PurifierRs. 11,099
Blue Star Water Purifier Prices 2018

Blue star, a household appliance manufacturing company based in Mumbai was founded in 1949. Ever since its inception of water purifiers, it has been one of the most reliable brands on a global scale. An ardent advocate of quality and modern technology, Blue star water purifiers should definitely be leading your choice list! Besides, their wide spectrum of models to differently suit your wants is something you would love to check out.

This page will make things easier for you by comparing your Blue star models, all in one click. It filters your choices on the basis of Blue star water purifier price and their vast array of features. Plus, you can shortlist your choices by comparing them side by side. How cool is that? Once you’ve chosen just the right model, this site will guide you to the popular online shopping portals. There, you can compare the Blue star water purifier price list and pay accordingly.

5 Reasons to Go For Blue Star Water Purifiers

1. Modern technologies used to manufacture Blue star filters which make your lifestyle easier.
2. Blue Star uses immune-boost technology in some of their purifiers to give you clean water with an edge.
3. Expanded range of stylish and differentiated models on the entire range of Blue Star water purifier price.
4. Guess what? Blue Star is the first Indian company to launch RO+UV Hot & Cold water purifier!
5. Blue Star also provides reliable distribution and customer service throughout India for a great after sales experience.

Different Types of Models of Water Purifiers available with Blue Star

Having done away with the cheaper but less effective gravity-based purifiers, Blue Star has come up with several electric-based substitutes of water purifiers. Some of these have been mentioned below.
? RO+ UV Water Purifier: These two-in-one water purifiers can help you get rid of excess salts in water with its SPM, and also kill germs.
? RO+ UV+ Hot & Cold Purifier: This range of purifiers from Blue Star carries out 5 stages of purification, and has touch sensors for hot and cold and room temperature water.
? RO+ UV Purifier with Immuno-Boost: These purifiers are one of its kind in the market! They not only purify to perfection but also provide alkaline antioxidant water to increase your body’s immunity and keep you healthy.
? UV Purifier: Blue Star UV Purifiers specialise in killing germs and guarantee healthy potable to you.

Finding the Right Blue Star Water Purifier

With all the different features of Blue star purifiers in mind, you must now consider the other factors that decide your right pick. Some of these are as follows.
? Quality of water supply: The filter you’re going to buy will also be decided by the nature of water supplied to your house. If the water is laden with salts and excess inorganic minerals, the RO purifier is going to be your thing. If you are someone who is picky about having your pure water either hot or cold, then RO+ UV+ Hot & Cold Purifier might be your thing!
? Your budget: Blue star is a brand which has different models of water purifiers for different ranges. If you are looking for a health-friendly but also a budget-friendly option, the UV water purifier might be your choice. Therefore, Blue Star water purifier price in India is an ally of all budgets.

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