Bajaj Induction Cooktop Price List in India

Bajaj Induction Cooktop Price in India

Latest Bajaj Induction Cooktop ModelsPrice
Bajaj Majesty ICX Neo Induction CooktopRs. 2,296
Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 Induction CooktopRs. 3,020
Bajaj ICX Pearl Induction CooktopRs. 2,509
Bajaj Popular Induction CooktopRs. 1,891
Bajaj Majesty Mini Induction CooktopRs. 1,800
Bajaj Popular Ultra Induction CooktopRs. 1,799
Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 Plus Induction CooktopRs. 3,799
Bajaj Majesty ICX 3 Induction CooktopRs. 2,006
Bajaj Majesty Touch Pro Induction CooktopRs. 3,430
Bajaj Majesty ICX 12 Induction CooktopRs. 4,519

Bajaj Induction Cooktop Prices 2018

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How to Buy Induction Cooktop Online?

To ensure that the purchase perfectly suits your requirements, a buyer should first understand their cooking style and the features they want in their induction cooktop. Models are available across a wide price range and come with several different features to make the cooking process easier, quicker and safer. Understand the preferences and features of the cooktop will help make the best buying decision.

Why Bajaj Induction Cooktop?

Bajaj is one of the most reputed brands in India which offers a wide range of home appliances. To keep up with the demands of the consumers, Bajaj now also offers induction cooktops with several innovative features. The induction cooktops from the brand are known to be highly reliable and a perfect match for every modern home.

Factors to consider When Buying Bajaj Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops are available in different sizes and with several different features. One of the most important considerations while picking an induction cooktop is the number of cooking zones. Buyers looking for a portable cooktop can prefer buying a model with single or double cooking zone, whereas, countertop models for home should have at least 3 to 5 cooking zones. Apart from the number of cooking zones, the features of the model should also be checked carefully to ensure that the selected model perfectly suits the cooking requirements of the buyers.

Bajaj Induction Cooktop Price Comparison

When it comes to online shopping, it is important to know that products can be available at different rates on different online stores. It is by comparing the prices across multiple online stores that the buyers can find the best deal and buy the preferred induction cooktop with considerable savings.

Why CompareRaja for Buying Bajaj Induction Cooktop?

CompareRaja provides buyers with all the latest deals on Bajaj Induction Cooktops. The deals are updated regularly to make sure that the buyers are able to save every time they visit CompareRaja before purchasing a product online. Moreover, buyers can also compare the features of multiple cooktops to select one that perfectly suits their requirements.