AquaFresh Water Purifier Price List in India

AquaFresh Water Purifier Price in India

Latest AquaFresh Water Purifier ModelsPrice
Aqua Fresh Aqua candy 17 Litre RO + UV + UF + TDS Water PurifierRs. 5,079
AquaFresh Grand Plus 10 L RO UV Water PurifierRs. 4,290
Aquafresh Water Purifier Prices 2018

Aquafresh is an Indian Company located in Delhi, NCR. The company is one of the leading merchants of water purifiers in India. It exclusively deals in water purifiers and utilises the latest technologies to build its purifiers. They have a wide range of purifiers, and one can pick from various options ranging from RO, UV, Mineral, etc.

This page assists you in picking the right Aquafresh Water Purifier for your needs. You can compare the Aquafresh water purifier prices in India, details, features and storage capacity and narrow down to your favourite models. The page also lets you compare the prices offered of your selected models on websites like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc.

5 Reasons You Should Buy An Aquafresh Water Purifier

1. The brand offers a product for every kind of usage, be it commercial or household. The Aquafresh water purifier price range is economical and affordable.
2. The products are of premium quality and double-check standards ensure that the products are hygienic and safe to use.
3. The brand offers warranty and exchange offers. You can get your old purifier of any brand exchanged for a new Aquafresh water purifier.
4. If you require a purifier for a temporary purpose, the brand offers you the option of taking a purifier on rent. There are packages you can choose from, and hire a purifier for your needs.
5. The brand offer services like Annual Maintenance Contracts, installations and repairs and their service centres are present all over the country.

Aquafresh Water Purifiers Range
? RO+UV+TDS Water Purifier: This range of purifiers from Aquafresh has a multi-level purification system, with RO, UV and TDS techniques that will leave no contaminants in water. It is a fully automatic purification system, that can filter up to 120 litres of water a day.
? RO Water  Purifier: This purifier range comes armed with the Reverse Osmosis technology and 4 level water purification system, that will provide you and your family with clean, pure water every day.
? UV Water Purifier: The Aquafresh UV purifiers use ultraviolet rays to kill germs and bacterias present in the water. These have good storage capacity and are an excellent choice for household uses.
? Mineral Water Purifier: This purifier uses the conventional method of water purifying, i.e., activated carbon filtration process, and retains all the necessary minerals in the water. It gives you clean water with a 7-stage purification process.
? Alkaline Water Purifier: This water purifier from Aquafresh is designed to maintain the pH levels in water, and also add the necessary minerals. The purifier utilises the RO and UV techniques to filter water.

Factors To Help You Choose The Right Aquafresh Water Purifier

? Quality of water: The primary factor to consider when opting for a water purifier from the brand is the quality of supplied water. You can get the water tested in a lab to understand the level of TDS and impurities in it. If the level of TDS is high, RO+UV+TDS Water Purifier from Aquafresh is the right choice for you. If not, you can go for a Mineral or Alkaline water purifier, that’s perfect for removing impurities and contaminants.
? Place of use: If you are looking for a purifier for commercial use, than RO+UV+TDS Water Purifier from Aquafresh should be the right one, as the water supplied in industrial areas is hard and heavily contaminated. For household use, RO or UV purifiers will do a good job.
? Other factors: If electricity and budget are your concerns, then you can consider the Alkaline or Mineral purifier, as they are budget-friendly, and do a great job of water purification.

Comparing Aquafresh Water Purifiers With Compareraja

Compareraja website can help you in deciding which purifier is the best for you and purchasing it at the most reasonable price. The site lets you compare the Aquafresh water purifier price list, the features, and the technicalities, of up to 4 models from the same range. You can also find out the prices offered by different e-commerce portals, and place your order right here.

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