Air Purifier Price List in India

With the quality of air fast deteriorating for multiple reasons, more and more people are realizing the need to get the quintessential “fresh air”. Since we don’t have open parks and miles and miles of green cover to keep our air pure, the man of today has resorted to using artificial means such as air purifiers to keep healthy. Most of the air purifiers are aimed at removing contaminants such as smoke from the air. They also help to remove allergens from the air, helping people with asthma and allergies. The air purifier uses any of the multiple techniques like thermodynamic sterilization, Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, activated carbons, filters, ionizer purifiers, etc. An air purifier can be a small, standalone unit which is appropriate for small settings such as home or office, while the bigger purifier can be affixed to an air handler unit in industrial settings. An air purifier is an important appliance to have, which makes it essential that you get the best one that you can. With CompareRaja you can not only compare the prices but also the feature that each air purifier offers so that you get the best deal possible.

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Air Purifier Price in India

Latest Air PurifiersPrice
Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 Portable Table Top Air PurifierRs. 9,999
Airspa TMS 16 Portable Room Air PurifierRs. 9,900
Kent Aura Portable Compact Air PurifierRs. 7,549
Panasonic F PXF35MKU Portable Air PurifierRs. 12,799
Sharp IG DC2EB Portable Compact Air PurifierRs. 4,999
Sharp IG-GC2L Car Air PurifierRs. 7,499
Aeroguard Mist Portable Room Air PurifierRs. 11,990
Blueair 280i Air PurifierRs. 27,960
Eveready AP322 Portable Room Air PurifierRs. 9,990
Teknix Qair 300 Portable Room Air PurifierRs. 6,499

List of Air Purifier Brands

Blueair Air Purifiers PricePanasonic Air Purifiers PriceAmfah Air Purifiers PriceMagneto Air Purifiers PriceHavells Air Purifiers PriceAtlanta Healthcare Air Purifiers PriceKlairon Air Purifiers PriceDr. AIR Air Purifiers PriceEureka Forbes Air Purifiers PriceCrane Air Purifiers PriceAirFree Air Purifiers PriceGresta Air Purifiers PriceBlue Star Air Purifiers PriceLasko Air Purifiers PriceAircom Air Purifiers PriceCado Air Purifiers PriceDolphy Air Purifiers PriceMoonbow Air Purifiers PriceAerate Air Purifiers PriceNovita Air Purifiers Price

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