Amplifier Price List in India

Amplifier Price List

Latest AmplifiersPrice
Exmade EX6602 15 W AV Power AmplifierRs. 2,499
Exmade EX6604 15 W AV Power AmplifierRs. 2,999
Exmade EX6608 15 W AV Power AmplifierRs. 2,499
Exmade EX6702 10 W AV Power AmplifierRs. 1,999
Exmade EX6706 10 W AV Power AmplifierRs. 1,999
Exmade EX6710 10 W AV Power AmplifierRs. 1,999
Exmade EX6705 10 W AV Power AmplifierRs. 1,999
Exmade EX6703 10 W AV Power AmplifierRs. 1,999
Exmade EX6607 15 W AV Power AmplifierRs. 2,499
Exmade EX6609 15 W AV Power AmplifierRs. 2,899

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If you are a music lover, you will appreciate the sound of musical instruments and the devices that enhance the sounds. The amplifier is a device that has a pivotal role to play in producing the sound you want. Whether it is a keyboard, a guitar, or a bass – you will need a good amplifier to enhance the sounds of these musical instruments.

Best features of Amplifiers

Most common amplifiers are optimized for various musical instruments including the electric and acoustic guitar, and electronic keyboards. The most sophisticated kind of amplifiers is the ones that work in conjunction with electronic keyboards. To the amazement of most people, the rich and musical distortions arise from amplifiers alone. Effects such as reverb are also given by amplifiers and such effects are generally required during musical performances.

New trends in Amplifiers

The latest amplifiers are the combo amplifiers. These amplifiers are contained in a box that also houses the speakers. So, the musician doesn’t have to carry the speakers and the amplifiers separately. This combo amplifier is very portable and easy to carry. All you need is to plug the combo amp in to the wall socket and plug your musical instrument into the amp and play.

Popular Amplifier brands

Some of the most popular amplifier brands are: Studio Master, Yamaha, AC Infinity, Ambient Technologies, Antennas Direct, Atlona Technologies, Audioengine, AudioSource, Bose, Cambridge Audio, Coredy, Crown, Dayton Audio, Denon, DenonReceiver, ELEGIANT, Etekcity, Fiio, Gino, Harman Kardon, Honeywell, iBoost 800, Insignia, InTheoryStudios, KEDSUM, Lepai, Lepy, LyxPro, Marantz, Micca, MUZO, Niles, Pioneer, Pyle, Pyramid, QSC, Russound, Sherwood, SMSL, Sonos, Sony Technical Pro etc.

Key factors to consider while buying an amplifier

If you are a beginner, it makes more sense to purchase a solid state amplifier. These amplifiers are versatile, portable and very much affordable. If you want a cheap amplifier, you can opt for specifications such as 200w output, digital FM range, Volume / Bass / Treble / Left Right Control, High Power PMPO output etc.

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