Sharp Air Purifier Price List

Sharp Air Purifier Price List In India

Latest Sharp Air Purifier ModelsPrice
Sharp FP G50E Room Air PurifierRs. 25,999
Sharp FP FM40E Room Air PurifierRs. 25,999
Sharp KC-F30 Portable Room Air PurifierRs. 25,999
Sharp IG-GC2L Car Air PurifierRs. 11,195
Sharp FU A28E Room Air PurifierRs. 9,999
Sharp FU A80E W Portable Room Air PurifierRs. 26,963
Sharp IG DC2EB Portable Compact Air PurifierRs. 7,999
Sharp IG CL15E Table Top Air PurifierRs. 9,738
Sharp FP F30E H Portable Table Top Air PurifierRs. 14,900
Sharp FU Z31E W Portable Compact Air PurifierRs. 17,800
Sharp Air Purifier

Sharp Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation which is set in Sakai-ku, Sakai. The company came into existence back in 1912, and since then it has been dealing in consumer electronics. Sharp Corporation is now an integral part of Foxconn, Taiwan. Presently, the company is ranked tenth among the world's television manufacturers. 

Check out how easy is it to purchase the best model of air purifier by Sharp. Type the name of the model you want to explore further, or use filters to narrow down the search criteria. Be presented with a range of options in Sharp air purifier. The listing allows you to compare multiple products on their features and thus let you make a great buying decision.

5 Reasons To Buy Sharp Air Purifiers
  1. Sharp Air Purifier freshens the air of your room and makes it fit for breathing.
  2. They also make the air free of many germs and bacteria.
  3. They make use of the Plasmacluster Ion Technology.
  4. The HEPA filters used are of best quality.
  5. Sharp provides the highest Clean Air Delivery Rate in its purifiers.
Options Available in Sharp Air Purifiers
  • Triple Action Plasmacluster 
The Triple Action range of air purifiers by Sharp helps in three step purification of air. These air purifiers are best for cleaning the air of the room with 254 sq. ft. area. It uses the technology of Plasmacluster for air purification, and it also humidifies the air. 
  • Ionizers
This range of air purifiers come with High-Density PCI generators which help in the killing of bacteria, microbes, and germs and makes your room free of foul smell. They come in many designs fit for any room size. The portable designs of air purifiers assist in the easy movement from one place to another.

Buying Guide For Sharp Air Purifiers
  • Operating Costs : The operating cost of air purifiers should be considered before buying. You should ensure the filter replacement cost and also the period for which the filter lasts.
  • Power Consumption : Power consumption is an important factor to be considered before purchasing air purifiers as they are surely going to affect your electricity bill. So, it is necessary that you have a look at the power input ratings.
  • Warranty : Besides the durability, it is also expected of the customer to look into the warranty period and the parts which fall under the warranty.
  • Automatic Monitoring : The air purifiers should be infested with the technology to automatically detect the air quality and control the air flow accordingly.
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