Philips Air Purifier Price List

Philips Air Purifier Price List In India

Latest Philips Air Purifier ModelsPrice
Philips GoPure ACA308 Car Air PurifierRs. 19,490
Philips AC3259/20 Room Air PurifierRs. 32,000
Philips HU4804-41 Room Air HumidifierRs. 27,659
Philips GoPure Slimline 230 Car Air PurifierRs. 16,399
Philips AC1211 Portable Room Air PurifierRs. 11,900
Philips AC2882 50 Portable Air PurifierRs. 14,399
Philips AC2887 Portable Air PurifierRs. 16,349
Philips GoPure Compact 110 Air PurifierRs. 6,299
Philips AC1215-20 Portable Room Air PurifierRs. 8,799
Philips AC3256 AeraSense Portable Room Air PurifierRs. 17,999
Philips Air Purifier

The Dutch company, Philips, has its headquarters set up in Amsterdam with its services in the area of electronics, healthcare and lighting. It was founded in Eindhoven in 1891 by Gerard Philips and his father. It is one of the largest electronics companies in the world with its services in three main divisions- Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Philips Healthcare and Philips Lighting. By 2012, it rose as one of the largest manufacturer of lighting in the world.

When you have determined to buy a Philips Air Purifier online you need to explore this page for more information on the right product which fits your requirements. This page makes the selection of the product easy by providing many filters like the design, size, color, etc. to the search. It also helps in comparing the prices of air purifiers on different e-commerce sites.

5 Reasons To Buy Philips Air Purifier

A. Air Purifiers by Philips are infested with VitaShield IPS Technology with multi-level filtration.
B. They come with four step LED indicators to indicate the air quality of your room.
C. They come in many designs and styles.
D. Philips also offers air purifiers in an affordable price range.
E. Philips is well known for quality and durability in its products.

Options Available in Philips Air Purifiers
  • Air Purifiers : This range of products by Philips with AeraSense and VitaShield IPS technology. The AeraSense technology helps in monitoring of the air quality and reacting towards it. The VitaShield IPS helps in removing ultrafine particles and germs. The application of these purifiers in your room or office will remove unpleasant smell and make the air fresh.
  • Combi Air Purifier and Humidifier : Philips offers this range of air purifiers with VitaShield IPS technology to clean the air while the humidifier provides moisture in the air with the help of Nanocloud technology. The application of the combi air purifier and humidifier will not only make your room free from dust and foul smell, but will also provide proper moisture in the air.
Buying Guide For Philips Air Purifiers
  • Operating Cost : While buying an air purifier for your office or room, it is most important to estimate the filter replacement cost and also how frequently you will need to replace the filter of the air purifier.
  • Power Consumption : It is necessary to check the input power rating on the air purifiers. Choose the air purifier with the lowest power consumption to minimize your electricity bill.
  • Automatic Detection : The air purifiers should be provided with the technologies to detect the pollution level in the air and react to it automatically.
  • Warranty : Warranty is an important factor to be considered while buying an air purifier for your home or office. You should be aware of the warranty period and the parts covered under warranty. Also, check the warranty policies of the company.
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