Kent Air Purifier Price List

Kent Air Purifier Price List In India

Latest Kent Air Purifier ModelsPrice
Kent Magic Car Air PurifierRs. 2,553
Kent Alps Portable Room Air PurifierRs. 15,149
Kent Ozone TY 100 Portable Room Air PurifierRs. 2,200
Kent Eternal Portable Room Air PurifierRs. 14,449
Kent TY 500 ozone Air PurifierRs. 5,900
Kent Aura Portable Compact Air PurifierRs. 9,500
Kent Air Purifier

The Indian company, Kent RO Systems manufactures water purifiers which are based on the technology of Reverse Osmosis, or we commonly called RO purification. The company has its headquarters established in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Over the years, the company has diverted its line of manufacturing in the direction of other products like air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, vegetable and fruit purifiers and water softeners. The technology used by Kent is certified by UNESCO, NSF, WQA, TUV and ISO.

While it comes to making the right choice while buying a Kent Air Purifier, this page will surely be of great use. You can select the right product out of the many choices made available by the company. You can even compare the prices of the similar products by different merchants online which will help you to get the best deal at reasonable prices.

5 Reasons To Buy Air Purifiers by Kent
  1. Kent makes use of Ozone Disinfection Technology which purifies the air.
  2. Kent Air Purifiers are eco-friendly as they produce Ozone gas in the air.
  3. They produce no noise while operating.
  4. The air purifiers by Kent come with CE certification.
  5. They are quite durable and usually come with a warranty period.
Options Available in Kent Air Purifiers

A. HEPA Room Air Purifiers
HEPA air filters are used in the air purifiers to clean up the air of your room or office. The inbuilt sensor helps in monitoring of the air quality of the room which further helps the purifier to maintain fresh air flow. The ionizer in the purifier makes the air healthy to breathe. They come with the feature of child lock, filter change indicator and silent operation.

B. Ozone Air Purifier
The Ozone Air Purifier range by Kent make use of Ozone Disinfection Technology for the purification of air of your room or office. They are further available in two designs-   
  • Wall Mountable Air Purifier : These are best suited for installation in the room or office with a wall mountable design. They make use of oxygen in the atmosphere to produce ozone gas which further makes the air healthier.
  • Table Top Air Purifier : This range of products comes with a portable design which is best suited for small rooms with size around 150 sq. ft. 
Guide To Buy Kent Air Purifier

A. Filter Replacement
Before buying an air purifier, it is necessary to know that how frequent you will have to replace the filter and the cost of replacement.

B. Automatic Monitoring
It is necessary that the air purifiers come with an auto detection of air quality in your room or office so that it maintains the air flow accordingly.

C. Power Consumption
Always consider the power that the air purifier is going to consume. Select the air purifier with lesser input requirements.

D. Warranty
Ensure that the purifier comes with a long warranty period and you should be aware of the warranty policies of the company.

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