Crusaders Air Purifier Price List

Crusaders Air Purifier Price List In India

Latest Crusaders Air Purifier ModelsPrice
Crusaders XJ-2100 Floor Console Air PurifierRs. 9,500
Crusaders CF 100 Portable Car Air PurifierRs. 4,800
Crusaders CF-85 Portable Car Air PurifierRs. 7,500
Crusaders CF 88 Portable Car Air PurifierRs. 3,599
Crusaders CRU M1 Portable Compact Air PurifierRs. 2,898
Crusaders CRU M6 Portable Compact Air PurifierRs. 3,312
Crusaders XJ 2900 Portable Table Top Air PurifierRs. 12,398
Crusaders XJ 4001B Floor Console Air PurifierRs. 31,450
Crusaders XJ 3100 Floor Console Air PurifierRs. 16,800
Crusaders CRU T2D Portable Table Top Air PurifierRs. 7,400
Crusaders air purifier

Having had its launch in the year 1991 in India, Crusaders has established as a known manufacturer and the distributor of air purifiers across the world. Making use of the latest and the advanced filtration technology in all its products, the company has been able to come up with the high quality range of air purifiers after intense research. Apart from air purifiers, Crusaders has come out with its range of purifiers for fruits and vegetables. 

This page provides the required information for choosing the best Crusaders air purifier. Refine your search results by changing the search filter on the website during your search for the best air purifier. 

5 Reasons to choose Crusaders air purifier
  1. Advanced technology and innovation used in the making of every air purifier.
  2. Purifiers have been developed by keeping in mind the environmental concerns. 
  3. Unique air filtration technology has been used in the filtration unit of the product.
  4. Air purifiers have been designed to suit every modern day household.
  5. Value for the money and the product is able to provide a long lasting performance for the customers after purchase. 
Different models of Crusaders air purifier

Crusaders is known for its innovation and the use of high-end technology in all its air purifiers. Here are some of the popular types of air purifiers from Crusaders. 
  • Regular air purifiers : Compact and efficient air purifiers that suit every household, this is the basic variant of the air purifier from Crusaders. This unit has the effective filtration unit to combat the indoor air pollution in the house or any other space. 
  • Ozone air purifier : Mostly used for the commercial and residential purposes, these ozone air purifiers are used for generating the purified ozone air. They help in effectively removing the particles from the air and purify the air that you breathe. 
Choosing the best Crusaders air purifier

A. Cost : The Crusaders air purifiers come in various price ranges, and you can choose the one that suits your budget. Compare and select the one that comes within the budget that you have set aside for the purchase of the air purifier. 

B. Air purifier efficiency : The effectiveness of the air purifier varies, and it depends on the model and the type that you plan on buying. Read the efficiency specifications for every model before you choose the product. 

C. Filtration efficiency : The filtration unit inside the air purifier must be able to work well under all conditions. Depending on the size of the room, the filtration requirements vary. For larger spaces, the air purifier is supposed to have higher filtration efficiency that usual. 

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