Air Cooler Price List in India

Air Cooler Price List

Latest Air CoolersPrice
Symphony Touch 20 Air coolerRs. 6,600
Bajaj Frio 23 Litre Personal Air CoolerRs. 5,290
Crompton Mystique 20 Litre Tower Air CoolerRs. 8,999
Crompton Ozone 75 Desert Air CoolerRs. 10,999
Crompton Marvel Personal Air CoolerRs. 5,399
Crompton Ozone 55 Desert Air CoolerRs. 9,730
Bajaj TC2007 34 Litre Air CoolerRs. 6,173
Symphony Silver i Pure 9 Litres Air CoolerRs. 6,090
Singer Atlantic Personal 20 Litres Personal Room CoolerRs. 5,389
Singer Liberty Supreme 85 Litres Desert CoolerRs. 11,170

List of Air Cooler Brands

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With temperatures reaching an all time high during summer, air coolers provide the best option to beat the summer heat especially if you are looking out for an affordable option. Upon research on coolers, you are likely to come across room coolers which are capable of providing cool air to a limited space while jumbo coolers are used to cool large sized rooms and offices. Also, available are desert coolers that are specially designed for areas that experience very high temperatures. Though most coolers are portable i.e. fitted with castor wheels to enable mobility, you will find some coolers are can be mounted on walls or window as per your convenience.

An air cooler is an environment friendly appliance since it cools the existing naturally hot air and releases in the room. The fan in the air cooler pulls in the hot air which is then passed through the cooling pads. The cooling pads absorb the heat from the air and lower its temperature to a great extent which is them emitted within the room.

When choosing an air cooler, key parameter such as CFM, body material & design and cooling pads used within the cooler.

CFM is the air flow capacity of the air cooler and this is important to get a fair idea of how cool your room will get using it. It is calculated by multiplying the area of the room is sq. ft. with the height of the room & dividing it by 2. The CFM so derived has to be multiplied by 1.699 to get its value in CFM on an hourly basis. It is advisable to go for a cooler with a higher CFM ensuring it cools the room fast and very efficiently.

It is recommended to go for honeycomb cooling pads (min. 90mm thickness) as they are specially made to provide maximum cooling and last long against aspen cooling pads. So, before you buy make sure you check out the type of cooling pads fitted in your cooler as most brands offer both the types in their coolers.

Body design and quality of the air cooler is equally important. There are air coolers with a fibre body in attractive colours available while certain air coolers with galvanized steel body also offered. With regards to performance, air coolers with galvanized steel body are more efficient and long lasting though they look slightly less appealing. For instance Ram air coolers come in a steel body which is powder coated to prevent it from rusting is equally efficient in use.

Also, when purchasing air coolers, pay extra care to their offering such as remote control, water level indicator, automatic control, automatic shutoff dampers and variable speed as they not only help to air cooler to function efficiently but also make its operation convenient and easy. Coolers from Kenstar, Bajaj, Symphony, Havells and etc are much popular considering their wide range of model offerings in sleek designs, cool colours and ease of operation.

In general, air coolers are found to be suitable for dry areas where the humidity levels are low for an efficient performance yet some air coolers with humidity control are available in the market such as select Bajaj and Symphony air cooler models are fitted with the humidity control feature.

If you are planning to buy an air cooler for your home, visit CompareRaja to check out and compare the top air cooler models offered by leading brands and make sure you make the best decision and cool your home at best prices.