Laptop Price List in India

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The advances in computer technology that brought us the laptop were welcomed with open arms by techno enthusiasts all over. Who would’ve thought that seeing people carrying a laptop bag would be such a common sight in the future? Today, however, it seems almost impossible to leave your house without carrying one!

The past couple of decades have seen an inspiring surge in the number of people turning to laptops as an alternative to desktop computers. The sheer number of laptop- carrying people that one comes across on a daily basis demonstrates the popularity of this product. The dip in the sales of desktop computers is a direct result of the rise in the sales of laptops.

As far as features are concerned, laptop buyers can consider machines with a large or a compact, more portable sized screen. The sleek designs add to the convenience and look of the laptop. Touch screen laptops are gathering fans due to the ease in use that it provides.

The latest addition to the list of different laptop operating systems is Android. A few enterprising brands have begun rolling out laptops loaded with this OS. It thus joins Apple’s OSX, and Windows in the world of laptops.

The current laptop market is dominated by the American brand Apple. Its high end performance and software holds massive appeal for all those who are looking to buy something fancy and powerful. Lenovo, Acer, HP, Dell, Asus, Sony and Samsung are some other brands that offer a wide range of laptops for different users.

A laptop is going to be your constant companion for many years to come and hence it is of the utmost importance that you buy one that you are comfortable with and that aids your work. First, you need to list down all the tasks that you will be using your laptop for. This enables you to look for specific features in the laptop that suit your requirements. Secondly, look at the dimensions of the laptop. You don’t want a laptop that is too heavy or inconvenient to carry especially if you use local transport. Thirdly, look for brands that have a trusted name in the laptop industry so that you are assured of the laptop’s quality.

Buying a laptop can be a cumbersome task. However, ensures that you are not only aware of all the available laptops in the market but also that you make the most apt choice after viewing all the different laptops and their specifications.

Laptop Price List 2016

Check out the below price list for best selling Laptops in India,

Best Selling LaptopsAvailable from
Lenovo G50-80 (80E502Q8IH) NotebookRs. 24,699
Apple MacBook Air MJVE2HNARs. 58,990
Lenovo Yoga 500 NotebookRs. 44,799
HP 15 af114AU NotebookRs. 23,990
Acer Gateway NE46RS1 NotebookRs. 13,999
Dell Inspiron 15 3542 LaptopRs. 19,444
Apple MacBook Pro MD101HNARs. 57,949
Dell Inspiron 5559 LaptopRs. 37,490
Acer One 10 S1002 15XR NetbookRs. 14,990
Asus EeeBook X205TA-FD0060TS LaptopRs. 14,990
Dell Inspiron 15 3543 LaptopRs. 22,500
Acer Aspire ES1-520 LaptopRs. 19,099
HP 15 AC122TU NotebookRs. 25,990