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Top 5 must have news feed apps for Android device

Top 5 must have news feed apps for Android device

Android offers applications on across all verticals of our lives. You name any of you day-to-day activity and there’s an app for that. Even the traditional newspapers have now been transpired to be fed electronically. Yes, the android news feed apps give you news on the go and help you stay updated anywhere without even needing the newspaper itself. The entire app market in all the leading operating systems undoubtedly is flooded with loads of new feed apps. Thus to make it easier for you, here ... »


Unleash the #FootballMania

With Indian Super League (ISL) on the mind of so many youngsters and oldies of our country, we thought this was a great time to check your Football Knowledge! And what better way to check this than the good old Q&As. So here are 10 questions to show-off your football knowledge! Contest Time: 12:30pm to 3:30pm  So the contest rules are simple. You need to know the answers and have loads of fun. Alright! This is not entirely the truth. You also need to follow some other rules: Follow @comparer... »

Android Lollipop – Packed with Powerful Features

Android Lollipop – Packed with Powerful Features

If you have been using an Android Driven smartphone, you will bear witness to the legacy of Android operating system over the past few years. These operating systems were perfect for the touch phone devices and have easily complemented them for maximum user satisfaction. There is no doubt that the Android operating system is the world’s most popular smartphone operating system.   Here is the list of Android operating Systems that have ruled the smartphone market. Cupcake (Android 1.5); Donu... »


Prynt – The smartphone case that lets you print your selfie

While everybody has been going crazy over selfies and high camera resolution Smartphones, we tell you how to click a selfie and also print it! Well, yes, a wide range of recently launched Smartphones lets you print your selfies as you click them. New Smartphone case can print your selfie within a few seconds! Polaroid-type Smartphone Case A French mobile company has recently launched a Polaroid-type Smartphone case that can print selfies from your phone itself that too within seconds after click... »

6 Popular Racing Games for Android Phone Users

6 Popular Racing Games for Android Phone Users

What’s more exciting for you? Just watching a racing sport or be a part of it and having an experience of racing? Obviously, like me, you would prefer to be a part of it. Thankfully, through these racing games in our android/ phones or tablets we can experience the thrill and adrenaline of racing. But it is a bit harder to choose the best one from the gamut of racing games; given that android play store is expanding day by day. Your hunt for racing games ends with this blog; you have come to the... »


Easy Tips on How to Use Your Tablet as a Photography Light

Your tablet is everything for you. It can be your encyclopedia, your Sunday Times, or even your thought diary. Did you know it can also be used as a studio light? Your tablet or laptop isn’t just limited to editing and sharing photos. It can be easily be used as a photography light. It’s not only cheaper but more portable. The most preferred lighting app that you can download for iOS/iPad is Softbox Pro On the same lines for Android we have Softlight. You can open up a white screen that will act... »

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