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Moto X the ‘Force’ to Reckon With

After having tasted much success in 2015, Motorola is back in 2016 with yet another Flagship smartphone. In the race for supremacy, it is no surprise that Motorola has pulled out the big guns to race to the top of the ladder,

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HTC Desire 728 or HTC Desire 828 or OnePlus X… WHICH ONE IS FOR YOU?

As kids, the biggest decisions we had to make were choosing between a beyblade and a remote-controlled car; or maybe between playing in the park and heading home for video games.

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Which smartphone is best for you, Lenovo Vibe X3 or Oneplus 2?

Buying a new smart phone has become quite enterprising these days, in the sense that people no longer just walk into any random mobile store and pick one off the shelf. Today, the needs and expectations of the people from their

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Is Huawei Honor 5X times better or is ‘Cool’ pad Note 3’s demeanour superior?

The battle of smartphones that is so prominently happening around is not very unusual these days. The brands are constantly at loggerheads trying their best to outwit each other. The race for supremacy

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LeEco Superphone Le 1s: Priced At Rs. 10999, But Worth So Much More!

We don’t know what’s happening on the borders with our Chinese counterparts, but here in the tech market, the Chinese have surely taken over! The Chinese electronics giant,

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